Refrezh Talks About The Insane 1v5 Clutch Ace


Refrezh Talks About the 1v5 Clutch Ace, Explains Why He Purchased a Galil

Refrezh's skill with the Galil was on full display against Team Liquid.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Refrezh talks in details about his incredible 1v5 clutch ace against Team Liquid which prevented Heroic from getting eliminated.
Refrezh revealed the reason behind his high skill with the Galil and why he prefers using it over the MAC-10.
Refrezh had secured four frags with the Galil before he switch to an AK-47 to complete his ace.

The Danish entry fragger Ismail "refrezh" Ali was the player of the series for Heroic in their ESL Pro League Season 14 quarterfinal match against Team Liquid. Refrezh single-handedly ensured that Heroic was still in contention to win the series, taking the final map on Inferno into overtime after claiming an incredible 1v5 clutch ace.

Talking about this stupendous moment in a post-match interview with ESL, refrezh was in complete disbelief as he said that "I don't think I have even done anything close to this, so it is really fortunate to do it in the last round of the third map." The 23-year-old further explained how he is so ridiculously skilled with a Galil AR, the weapon with which he secured four out of his five frags.

Refrezh explains why he purchased a Galil and his ridiculous skill with the rifle

Heroic had put together a weak purchase for the 30th round as their economy was shattered after having lost consecutive rounds to Team Liquid.

René "TeSeS" Madsen was the only player with an AK-47, followed by three MAC-10's and refrezh opting to purchase a Galil instead of the quick machine pistol.

The purchase paid off as Refrezh went on to secure four crucial frags with the weapon before switching to an AK-47 and securing the final frag as well. When asked about his astounding prowess with the Galil, the Dane said that,

I have actually played some DM (Deathmatch) with it, but at some point I was like okay now I am quite decent with it now I don't want to practice with it anymore.
Ismail "refrezh" Ali - Interview with ESL

Refrezh further added that cadiaN sometimes flames him a little because of how bad he is with a MAC-10, a weapon that he personally hates and instead chooses to purchase a Galil over it.

He reveals that because of the MAC-10's recoil, Galil is the weapon that he prefers going for in every second round. This massively contributed to his success with the rifle during the intense clutch, which saved Heroic from getting eliminated.

The team went on to win the map in overtime, resulting in a '2-1' series victory as they moved ahead to face Na'Vi in the semifinals. Despite putting up a tough fight the Danes went down '2-1' against the CIS juggernautsand finished in 3rd- 4th place finish.

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