Valve Increases Price Of CS:GO Keys


Price of CS:GO Keys Skyrocket in Russia With Valve Disabling Major Payment Methods on Steam

The price of CS:GO keys skyrockets in Russia.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valve has reportedly disabled various major payment methods on Steam for users in Russia. PayPal and Steam Wallet are the two exceptions to this.
The price of CS:GO Keys in Russia has also increased by more than 50% due to currency adjustments being implemented by Valve.
Earlier, other digital storefronts like had restricted transactions in Russian Ruble due to the unstable situation surrounding the currency.

The ongoing Ukraine crisis has driven many countries, organizations, institutes, and more to impose certain sanctions against Russia. As a result of this the country's economy has taken a massive hit, in response to which certain measures are being implemented. This economic financial meltdown has had an impact across multiple verticals including Steam, where the prices of the CS:GO Keys have skyrocketed from ₽180 (Russian Ruble) to ₽272, indicating over a 50% hike.

Valve has increased this price to match the price of the Russian Ruble to its western counterpart, USD (US Dollars). An adjustment had to be made due to the sudden drop in value of the Russian currency. Additionally, major payment methods have also been disabled by Valve on Steam for users from Russia, who are reportedly only able to make purchases and transactions using Steam Wallet or PayPal.

Valve disables multiple payment methods on Steam in Russia while price of CS:GO Keys skyrockets

Steam users from Russia are facing payment issues on the platform as Valve disables all major payment methods like VISA, Mastercard, and Mir cards, which are reportedly not being accepted as a valid mode of transaction.

At the moment, the only payment methods that users can utilize to make any sort of transactions on Steam are PayPal and Steam Wallet, the store's own internal wallet.

Valve disables all major payment methods on Steam for users in Russia

According to information from, multiple Steam users from Russia have already complained about the inability to pay for several purchases on Steam. Initially, transactions were being interrupted due to some error, and now the payment system has started refusing users the option to select payment services, with the exception of PayPal.

However, no official statement from Valve or any of its representatives has come forward about this matter at this point in time.

Earlier, other digital storefronts like had restricted transactions in Russian Ruble due to the unstable situation surrounding the currency because of which payment providers were no longer processing any payments made using it.

Valve also adjusted the pricing on Steam, due to which the value of certain virtual items like CS:GO Keys, Capsules, Stickers, and more increased by a huge margin.

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