Popular Twitch Streamer Gifts Flamie CS:GO Knife Worth 150,000 Rubles


Popular Twitch Streamer Gifts Flamie CS:GO Knife Worth 150,000 Rubles

Flamie seems to be enjoying his time off from the active roster.

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Popular Russian streamer Buster gifts an expensive CS:GO knife skin worth 150,000 Russian Rubles to senior Na'Vi player flamie.
Flamie was presented with a beautiful looking Karambit | Lore in Factory New condition.
The incident took place when flamie was participating in an online CS:GO tournament with a makeshift team called Bebra Esports.

Popular Russian streamer Vyacheslav "buster" Leont'ev who has more than 2.1 million followers on Twitch, recently gifted an expensive CS:GO knife to inactive Na'Vi rifler Egor "flamie" Vasilev. The 24-year-old received a Karambit | Lore in Factory New condition, which is estimated to be around 150,000 Russian Rubles (RUB) or about $2,050 USD.

The incident took place a few days back when flamie was competing in an online CS:GO tournament called INSANE FASTCUP #1 along with a team called Bebra Esports. It was before their semifinal match against Team Spirit that buster presented flamie with the beautiful knife skin, which can still be seen in flamie's inventory.

Flamie receives expensive knife skin as gift in CS:GO from popular Twitch streamer

Flamie, a name synonymous to Natus Vincere has been absent from top-tier CS:GO action for more than five months now. The 24-year-old is not benched and is a part of the main lineup, but he has surely been inactive as Valerii "b1t" Vakhovskyi finds his spot in the playing five.

Tired of not doing anything flamie decided to participate in INSANE FASTCUP #1 along with a team called Bebra Esports, consisting of the following members,

  • Vyacheslav "buster" Leont'ev - Popular Russian Streamer

  • Egor "flamie" Vasilev - Na'Vi Senior Player

  • Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov - Former Gambit Esports Player

  • Ilya "fANDER" Bagreev

  • Kirill "poka" Starovoytov

Being a directly invited team, they started off with a '2-1' victory in the quarterfinals but could not make it through the semifinals as Team Spirit handed them a hard blow.

Despite the loss, flamie walked away with a beautiful looking Karambit | Lore knife which was gifted to him by buster. Despite flamie telling the Russian streamer that it was not required and he did not want it, buster imposed the present on him.

Flamie did try to return the knife to him, but buster denied him saying that "The boy said, the boy did". At the time of writing this article the gifted knife skin was still there in flamie's inventory.

Gifted Karambit Lore Knife in Flamie's CSGO Inventory

Flamie has not played in any tournament for Na'Vi since ESL Pro League Season 13 which took place in April earlier this year. The current team composition seems to be doing extremely well, which brings up the important question about flamie's future with the organization.

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