Russian Streamer Trades CS:GO Skins For $60,000 BMW Car


Popular Russian Streamer Trades CS:GO Skins for $60,000 BMW Car

That is how true gamers do cashless transactions!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Popular Russian Twitch streamer, Buster, trades multiple CS:GO skins for a $60,000 BMW E60.
Buster bought a beautiful looking BMW E60 that was pre-owned and customized, and in exchange he gifted the buyer more than 10 skins worth $57,000 USD.

It is common knowledge that there are CS:GO skins that hold a really high value and can easily fetch quite a bit of money when traded at the right time to the perfect buyer.

This is exactly what a popular Russian streamer, Vyacheslav "buster" Leont'ev, did to conduct the perfect cashless transaction that fetched him a great-looking BMW worth $60,000 USD (INR 47,52,366).

Buster traded multiple CS:GO skins that were at a combined value of about $57,000 USD (INR 45,14,748), and in exchange got a slick pre-owned BMW E60 that had undergone a lot of modifications.

Famous Twitch streamer from Russia purchases a $60,000 BMW car by trading multiple CS:GO skins

Buster is a popular streamer from Russia who has amassed a following of more than 3.1 million on Twitch and about 2.75 million on YouTube. He might not be a global icon, mostly because he communicates in Russian, but he is a huge gaming personality in his region and creates a lot of unique content for his audience.

Recently, he exchanged multiple CS:GO skins to purchase a pre-owned but modified BMW E60 that was worth $60,000. While it made for great content for his audience, it also goes to show the worth of certain virtual cosmetic items.

Some of the CS:GO skins put up for trade by Buster were as follows,

  1. AWP | Dragon Lore (Field Tested)

  2. AK-47 | Wild Lotus (Minimal Wear)

  3. AK-47 | Gold Arabesque (Factory New)

  4. M4A1-S | Ravager (Factory New | StatTrak)

  5. Desert Eagle | Oceanic Coast (Field Tested)

  6. USP-S | Confirmed Kill (Factory New | StatTrak)

  7. Karambit | Marble Gradient (Factory New)

  8. Motorcycle Gloves | Blood Pressure (Minimal Wear)

  9. Stilleto | Waves (Factory New)

  10. AWP | Gradient (Factory New)

There were a few other skins that were added, taking the whole value of the skins traded to about three million rubles, which is roughly about $50,000.

"It is a gift for only three million rubles," said Buster while sending the the skins across to the person he was purchasing the BMW from.

Buster trading the CS:GO skins for a BMW car

The buyer went on to confirm the trade and received all the skins while he left behind his stunning BMW E60 that had an all-black exterior and interior theme, along with golden rims on the wheels that added on to the aesthetics of the vehicle.

As far as, real-life CS:GO skin trade goes this is by far one of the most interesting ones out there in public. The buyer coming for a trade in his car and leaving without it, instead bagging multiple cosmetic items whose value might go up with time, sadly the same cannot be said about the four-wheeler.

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