PGL Announces Changes to the Setup For the Legends Stage


PGL Stockholm Major Setup Changed for Legends Stage Following Backlash

No more playing from the hotel rooms for CS:GO teams in Stockholm!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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PGL was forced to make changes to the setup of the Legends Stage following backlash from the CS:GO community.
The organizers had earlier announced that matches would be divided between studio and practice rooms, resulting in heavy criticism from the community.
Following this backlash, PGL changed their decision to reflect that the entirety of the Legends Stage would take place in a studio setup.

PGL has confirmed that all matches of the Legends Stage will be taking place in the studio as a proper LAN event. The organizers made the announcement earlier today on 29th October, following an earlier statement that said only the 'Stream-A' matches would be played inside a studio setup while the 'Stream-B' matches would be played in practice rooms.

The community heavily criticized the earlier decision taken by PGL, based on the fact that even after all the teams being assembled in Stockholm some of them would have to miss out on playing from the studio. As has been the case this Major, PGL took notice of what the community wanted and implemented the required changes.

PGL confirms that the Legends Stage will take place in a studio setup

While the Playoffs of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 are scheduled to be played in front of a packed audience at the Avicii Arena, the community was not happy with the way organizers had planned on conducting the Legends Stage. With one set of matches taking place in the practice rooms while the others would be conducted in the studio.

The leading concern for the community was teams that would be playing from their practice rooms would not be subjected to the same amount of pressure when compared to those playing from the studio.

This raised concerns about the fairness and competitive integrity of the Major as a whole, with Copenhagen Flames being used as an example. The reason behind this being that the Danish underdogs qualified into the Legends Stage of the tournament after playing the last three matches from their practice rooms.

Astralis' shot caller, Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander had openly criticised the way matches were being conducted by PGL in an earlier interview with where he had said that,

I almost do not want to comment on it. I think it's very ridiculous that we are sitting and playing in a hotel room. We might as well have sat at home. Now get us into that studio so we can feel it's a real tournament. I think all matches should be played in a studio.
Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander - Interview with

Following the massive community backlash, PGL finally decided to change their decision to all matches of the Legends Stage taking place in a studio setup.

PGL changes its decision

Once again PGL has listened to what the community and the players demanded and implemented the changes as soon as possible. The organizers have been in tune with community demand since the start of the Major, such as the case with the tournament HUD.

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