PGL Stockholm Major 2021 Crosses 1 Million Concurrent Viewers


PGL Stockholm Major 2021 Hits Over 1 Million Concurrent CS:GO Viewers

The one million peak viewership mark has been breached.

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PGL Major Stockholm 2021 crosses a peak of more than 1 million concurrent viewers.
The feat was achieved yesterday during the Champions Stage match between Heroic and, and the said became the fifth most viewed CS:GO match ever.
The Stockholm Major 2021 continues to climb higher across both peak and average viewership as the tournament progresses.

The PGL Major Stockholm 2021 kicked off its Champions Stage yesterday, witnessing the elimination of Ninjas in Pyjamas and while also achieving a peak of 1,012,055 concurrent viewers. This viewership was achieved during the first match of the Playoffs between Heroic and, which went down to the wire, making it the fifth most popular CS:GO match ever.

Following the first day of the Playoffs, Stockholm Major 2021 has now jumped even farther ahead of the Berlin Major 2019 in terms of both peak and average viewership, after already having surpassed it in the Legends Stage itself.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 clocks over a million concurrent viewers

Stockholm Major 2021 is the first CS:GO Major to take place in more than two years, while also being a tournament that marks the return of competitive Counter-Strike to a proper LAN environment with a live audience. This automatically makes it a rather unique and interesting tournament, attracting more attention in comparison to the Berlin Major 2019.

As of 4th November 2021, the PGL Major Stockholm has hit a peak of 1,012,055 concurrent viewers which is 175,339 viewers more than that achieved by the StarLadder Berlin Major, 836,716 concurrent viewers . Furthermore, even the average viewership leans towards the Stockholm Major by a difference of 142,987 viewers.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 - Champions Stage Day 1 Viewership

The feat was achieved all thanks to the nail biter of a series played between (VP) and Heroic, where the two teams exchanged victories on each others map picks before ascertaining their fate on the last remaining decider. With the CIS region backing VP and the passionate Danes rooting for Heroic, the match went on to become the fifth most viewed match in the history of CS:GO while also attaining the highest peak of the Major so far.

Most Popular CS:GO Matches - Peak Viewership

Big teams like NAVI are yet to play their playoffs match. NAVI will go up against FURIA, which is supported by the entire Brazilian and North American region, that alone leads there to be a big chance that the viewership might sky rocket even further past the current mark.

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