All 52 CS:GO Teams Set To Compete For 24 Spots In PGL Major Antwerp 2022


PGL Major Antwerp 2022: All 52 CS:GO Teams Set to Compete for 24 Spots

Here are all the CS:GO teams that will try to qualify for the Antwerp Major!

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All the RMR qualifiers have concluded as the 52 qualified CS:GO teams are now set and ready to compete for the 24 Antwerp Major slots.
A total of four RMR tournaments will be played on LAN at PGL Studios in Bucharest, Romania in the month of April.
Out of the 24 slots available, 16 will be handed to European teams, 6 will go to the American teams, and the final two slots will be handed to teams from APAC.

All the 13 regional qualifiers for their respective RMR (Regional Major Rankings) tournaments have concluded as 52 CS:GO teams are now set to compete for a spot in the PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

The road ahead will not be easy, with the qualified teams competing in a studio LAN tournament scheduled to take place in the month of April at PGL Studios in Bucharest, Romania. In total, four RMR events will be taking place, two for European teams and one each for American and Asia-Pacific (APAC) teams.

Each region has a specific number of slots allotted to them for the Antwerp Major. While the two European RMR tournaments offer 16 slots in total, the American RMR has only six slots to offer, leaving the APAC RMR with the final two slots.

All 52 CS:GO teams set for the PGL Major Antwerp 2022: RMR tournaments

Valve had introduced the RMR format in 2020 following the cancellation of CS:GO Majors due to the entire competitive circuit shifting online. This was done to ensure that a proper qualification process is followed for the next CS:GO Major. The concept underwent a few changes last year in 2021 and this is how teams qualified for the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

This year the concept has undergone further drastic changes and now only a single set of RMR events take place ahead of the Majors, acting as a direct qualifier for the biggest tournament of the year.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 is the first big tournament that will be employing the use of this new RMR method, as four such events are planned to take place in the month of April, roughly a month before the scheduled start of the Major.

European RMR

This is the only regional RMR tournament that has been split into two, European RMR A and European RMR B, both of them consisting of 16 teams each with half of them getting an opportunity to qualify for the Majors.

European RMR A is scheduled to take place from 17th to 20th April with the following teams set to be a part of it,

Invited Teams - PGL Major Stockholm 2021

  • Natus Vincere

  • Heroic


  • Team Vitality

  • FaZe Clan

  • MOUZ

Open Qualifiers

  • BIG

  • GamerLegion

  • Fnatic

  • SAW

  • OG

  • Eternal Fire

  • Dignitas

  • Team Unique

  • forZe

  • Team QUAZAR

European RMR B is scheduled to take place from 21st to 24th April with the following teams set to be a part of it,

Invited Teams - PGL Major Stockholm 2021

  • G2 Esports

  • Gambit Esports

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • Entropiq

  • Copenhagen Flames

  • Astralis

  • ENCE

Open Qualifiers

  • HEET


  • Team Spirit

  • AVE

  • Sprout

  • Bad News Eagles

  • Endpoint

  • Sangal Esports

  • Anonymo Esports

American RMR

Both North and South American teams are a part of this regional RMR tournament. A total of 16 teams will be competing in this event taking place from 11th to 14th April, with eight teams from Brazil, three teams from Argentina, and the remaining five teams from North America.

Invited Teams - PGL Major Stockholm 2021

  • FURIA Esports

Open Qualifiers

  • Complexity Gaming

  • Team Liquid

  • Bad News Bears

  • Team oNe eSports

  • Party Astronauts

  • Evil Geniuses

  • paiN Gaming

  • Case Esports

  • Imperial Esports

  • 00 Nation

  • 9z Team

  • MIBR

  • São Caetano Esports

  • Isurus

  • Leviatán

Asia-Pacific RMR

Multiple regions are a part of the APAC RMR, but only four teams will be competing in the LAN qualifiers, one team each from China, Oceania, Asia, and the Middle East. Also, only two will advance further with a contender status after the event takes place from 15th to 16th April.

Open Qualifiers

  • TYLOO - Chinese Qualifier

  • Renegades - Oceanic Qualifier

  • Lynn Vision Gaming - Middle Eastern Qualifier

  • IHC Esports - Asian Qualifier

These are the 52 teams that will be competing in the upcoming RMR tournaments for the 24 slots available in the PGL Major Antwerp 2022, set to take place from 9th to 22nd May in Belgium with the main event (playoffs) being played in front of a live audience at the Antwerps Sportpaleis.

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