PashaBiceps Opponent Suffers Eye Injury Due To Knockout Punch


PashaBiceps' Debut MMA Opponent Suffered Eye Injury Due to Knockout Punch

A hefty knockout by the CS:GO legend.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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PashaBiceps won his debut MMA fight against OwcaWK on 5th February in HIGH League Season 2.
PashaBiceps knocked out OwcaWK during the second round of the fight, delivering a heavy punch to his face after which he sat down on the mat and eventually tapped out.
OwcaWK revealed yesterday that he suffered a broken eye socket along with an issue with his retina due to the knockout punch.

CS:GO legend, Jaroslaw "pashaBiceps" Jarzabkowski, won his debut MMA fight against Polish bodybuilder and fitness influencer Michal "OwcaWK" Owczarzak with a second-round knockout on 5th February, during the celebrity combat tournament HIGH League Season 2.

PashaBiceps landed a hefty blow to Owczarzak's face in the second round of the fight, following which the fight came to an end. Yesterday on 6th February, Owczarzak via an Instagram story through his official account gave an update on his physical health.

Owczarzak revealed that due to the knockout punch he had suffered a broken eye socket along with an issue with his retina, to which pashaBiceps has publicly responded saying that "I don't like it".

PashaBiceps knockout punch has resulted in an eye injury for his debut MMA fight rival

The CS:GO Major winning MVP, pashaBiceps, was backed by majority of the Counter-Strike community to win his inaugural MMA fight against Owczarzak in the HIGH League Season 2.

Not only did the 33-year-old successfully subdue his rival, but he managed to do so in style by delivering a heavy blow to Owczarzak's face, forcing him to sit down on the mat and eventually tap out.

Yesterday, Owczarzak via his official Instagram account confirmed that due to the punch he had suffered a broken eye socket and a retina-related issue.

Owczarzak further revealed that after receiving the final punch to the head, he was unable to see for a few seconds. Having absolutely no idea what had happened, in that moment the Polish bodybuilder realized that he had been defeated.

Note: The above has been translated from Polish to English by Google Translate.

In response to this situation, pashaBiceps commented that he did not like it.

PashaBiceps Response

The overall conduct between both the fighters was commendable, as they both treated each other with respect before and after the fight. After his defeat, Owczarzak had even made a post on Instagram stating,

A fair loss must hurt to learn something, and the winner can savor the victory to the fullest. Thanks Tauron, thanks PPV, thanks Armio.
Michal "OwcaWK" Owczarzak

Examining OwcaWK after the knockout punch

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