NiKo, Magisk, Ropz Give Their Opinion on Having a CS:GO World Cup

Would you like to see players representing their countries in a CS:GO tournament?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The viability of a CS:GO World Championship or European Championship was proposed by YNk a few days ago.
This is what a few CS:GO players - NiKo, Magisk, and Ropz had to say about the need for a CS:GO World Cup.
In the past multiple such CS:GO tournaments have taken place like WCG, WESG, IESF WC, TWC, and more.

World Cups for CS:GO is an exciting concept that gives players a chance to play for their countries along with a new lineup. It introduces a change from the regular competitive circuit where players represent their clubs and organizations.

Multiple tournaments since the early days of the title have tried this format - World Cyber Games, World Electronic Sports Games, IESF World Championship, The World Championships, and other similar global competitions have been organized in the past. Unfortunately, none of them have achieved the kind of success or recognition that one might expect from such events.

Recently, popular CS:GO analyst Janko "YNk" Paunović presented his thoughts on the viability of a World or European Championship if "properly organized".

Talking about the same in a recent interview with Pley, this is what Nikola "NiKo" Kovac, Emil "Magisk" Reif, and Robin "ropz" Kool, had to say about getting a chance to wear their national colors while competing in CS:GO on a global stage.

YNK opinion on CSGO World Championship

Is there a requirement for a CS:GO World Cup? This is what NiKo, Magisk, and ropz had to say


One of the best riflers in the world, NiKo, was of the opinion that such a concept could definitely work but the competitive calendar was already packed leaving no space for such an event to flourish.

"There's not that much time to squeeze another event in - especially a World Cup, being a tournament that everyone wants to win," expressed NiKo.

He did say that the organizers could rework the schedule in order to accommodate such a tournament, "we had it before where players were willing to do it because it's a super cool feeling to play for your country."


The talented Estonian had similar views as he went on to state that if there was mutual respect between all the organizations and teams, this is a viable idea to execute.

"I think it would be a super cool thing to do and maybe even good for the Counter-Strike scene, as it could get more publicity in the general audience within sports," said ropz.

He expressed how wearing your country's flag is such a proud thing for anyone, "Once you succeed or do something great, it's going to be amazing to look back and say 'you did that for your country'."


Targetting the main issue, Magisk also pointed out that it was possible if there was agreement from all organizations along with a greater purpose like "actual pride on the line like the Olympics," if these were fulfilled he could see a World Cup sort of a CS:GO tournament taking place.

Magisk further said that he would love to wear the Danish national jersey and represent his country if such a tournament were to take place.

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