NBK Talks About His Time Playing With MOUZ CS:GO Team


NBK Shares His Experience Playing With MOUZ CS:GO Team

NBK gives a first hand experience of his short stay with MOUZ.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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NBK was released from MOUZ two months after he was signed by the organization as a senior member for the side.
At that point in time NBK had called this decision to be "unfair and rushed" which took the community by surprise.
Following speculations from the CS:GO community NBK went ahead to clarify a few things by giving an account of his time with MOUZ.

The CS:GO community was taken by surprise when MOUZ decided to bench their most experienced CS:GO player Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt after a brief stint of just two months. At that point in time, NBK had labelled this decision by MOUZ as "unfair and rushed" while also revealing that he had learned about it just 20 hours before it was made public by the German esports organization.

This was followed by a lot of accusations being made by the community members. In response to the development NBK has come forward once again to explain his time with MOUZ from January to March.

NBK talks about his time competing in CS:GO with MOUZ over the last two months

The French CS:GO veteran had joined MOUZ earlier this year to bring maturity and stability to its roster heading into the 2022 competitive season. He was supposed to be the pillar that would encourage the growth of its lineup and guide the rest of the players towards success.

However, all these plans came to a sudden halt when the organization decided to replace him with Jon "JDC" de Castro, who was promoted from the organization's academy team (MOUZ NXT) into the main roster.

Statement by NBK after being benched by MOUZ

While acknowledging that JDC was a talented rifler, the move made little to no sense for the side that was already limping. But NBK took the hit like a champ and wished nothing but the best to all his fellow teammates, even giving details about his two-month tenure with the side.

NBK revealed that during his time with MOUZ he had brought with him and displayed a "good attitude, positivity, and good communication" on a daily basis across both official matches and practice sessions. This was unlike his past behaviour where he was definitely not the best teammate at times.

In return, he had received "only positive feedback" from both the players and the staff during his time with MOUZ, even after he had been benched.

"I made sure when coming back to be the best person possible, to share my experience and bring good leadership which was expected of me," said NBK.

With this, he laid all the speculations from the CS:GO community to rest and now it remains to be seen what he has planned out for his future in the game or outside of it.

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