Multiple Esports Organizations From India to Enter CS:GO in 2023

Indian esports prepares to turn over a new leaf next year.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Multiple Indian Esports Orgs To Enter CS:GO&nbsp;In&nbsp;2023</p></div>
Multiple Indian Esports Orgs To Enter CS:GO&nbsp;In&nbsp;2023


Some of the top esports organizations from India will be entering CS:GO and fielding dedicated rosters next year.
Velocity Gaming, Enigma Gaming, and Revenant Esports are the three esports organizations that will be signing a CS:GO roster.
Leaks point towards an upcoming tournament series by Skyesports in 2023 dedicated to CS:GO.

Some of the top esports organizations from India are preparing to field CS:GO rosters in 2023. This is huge for PC gaming in the country, where most competitive titles on the platform have failed to take off, Valorant being an exception.

Velocity Gaming, Revenant Esports, and Enigma Gaming are the three Indian esports organizations that are looking to enter CS:GO next year. The respective owners, Manoj Kasyap, Rohit Jagasia, and Aryaman Wasan, have all come forward with similar statements regarding their entry to compete in the title.

The move seems to be a direct result of Skyesports, one of the leading esports tournament organizers from India, planning on investing quite heavily in CS:GO and Dota 2 next year, with leaks suggesting a tournament called Skyesports CS:GO India Major League 2023 in the works.

Velocity, Enigma, Revenant look to enter and compete in CS:GO next year

A combination of recent announcements and leaks, suggests that Skyesports has something significant planned for CS:GO next year. The idea seems to have been discussed with some of the top Indian esports organizations, who are ready to invest in the scene by signing dedicated teams.

Late last month, Shiva "Marvel" Nandy - CEO and Founder of Skyesports, shared that they will be investing a minimum of $500,000 USD (INR 4,08,57,750) in 2023, for the upliftment of competitive CS:GO and Dota 2 within India.

Working towards that goal, Skyesports might have conceptualized an idea for a new dedicated tournament series called Skyesports CS:GO India Major League 2023. Speaking on this, Rohit Jagasia remarked that the concept behind this tournament was mind blowing and that Revenant Esports would be "fielding a CS:GO roster" for it.

Revenant Esports to enter CS:GO in 2023

Manoj Kasyap followed suit by stating that even Velocity Gaming would be entering CS:GO and that details about the tournament would soon be announced by Skyesports.

Velocity Gaming to enter CS:GO in 2023

Lastly, Aryaman Wasan also gave his confirmation about Enigma Gaming entering CS:GO next year, "All I am allowed to say for now is (that) great things (are) in store for esports enthusiasts in India in 2023. CS:GO here we come!!"

All of this has certainly caused a lot of excitement within the Indian esports scene and could help in the revival of fallen titles like CS:GO and Dota 2 in India. It will be interesting to see how the competitive scene for 2023 develops with multiple tournament organizers charting their competitive calendars for next year with a mix of different titles across platforms.

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