Jamppi Talks About CS:GO Return In Recent Twitch Stream


Liquid Valorant Player Jamppi is Eyeing a CS:GO Return in October

Will the Finnish prodigy actually return to the Valve shooter?!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Jamppi during a recent livestream on Twitch said that he would 100% return to CS:GO at some point in time.
The stream has since been deleted by Jamppi from Twitch and with it the two viral clips as well.
Jamppi in one of the deleted clips claimed that the earliest he would consider switching back to CS:GO would be in the month of October.

Former CS:GO player who currently competes in Valorant for Team Liquid, Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen, during a recent livestream on Twitch openly spoke about his future plans which included a switch back to the Valve shooter.

When asked by one of the viewers if he sees himself back in CS:GO, Jamppi responded by saying, "Yeah, 100%. I will go back to CS at one point," while running around on Mirage with a knife in his hand just having fun.

This does not come as much of a surprise because the 20-year-old has previously revealed that there was a time when he had seriously thought about returning back to CS:GO, just a few months after retiring from the game.

Surprisingly, this information from Jamppi comes just a few days ahead of the VCT 2022: EMEA Stage 2 Challengers, scheduled to take place from 13th May to 26th June.

Jamppi in recent Twitch stream claims that he will return to CS:GO at some point

Team Liquid seems to be having a decent run in the Valorant 2022 competitive circuit so far. It has gotten the chance to compete in the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters - Reykjavík because FunPlus Phoenix faced a travel restriction due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

However, Jamppi in a recent stream was seen talking about a potential switch to CS:GO a few months down the line. He stated multiple times that a return to the game was imminent at some point, while also adding that the earliest possible time would be in the month of October.

Jamppi deleted the recent Twitch stream

The most recent stream, during which Jamppi was playing CS:GO and spoke about all the things mentioned above, has been deleted. Due to this the viral clips that were being circulated across both Valorant and CS:GO communities have also been rendered useless.

Twitch clips deleted by Jamppi

However, this one clip from almost one week ago seems to have escaped the chopping block, where Jamppi can be heard saying the same thing while responding to one of the viewers.

This is not the first time that Jamppi has thought of leaving Valorant to return to compete in CS:GO. Back when Valve had released the new 'RMR Eligibility Guidelines' on 15th April 2021, the Finn had a change in his mindset as the VAC ban against him had been lifted, rendering him eligible to participate in Valve-sponsored tournaments.

Team Liquid is all set to start competing in the VCT 2022: EMEA Stage 2 Challengers from next week onwards. Only time will tell if Jamppi will return to CS:GO or continue competing in Valorant.

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