Jame Shares Collection Of CS:GO Signature Stickers For Antwerp Major


Jame Shares CS:GO Player Signature Sticker Approved by Valve for Antwerp Major

So, is it Jame Time....?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Jame shared a lot of player signature sticker designs for the upcoming PGL Antwerp Major 2022.
He also shared the signature design which was allegedly selected by Valve.
Some of the designs that Jame submitted which were apparently rejected by Valve included a variant of 'Jame Time'.

The players from Virtus.pro's roster competing under the Outsiders banner at the upcoming PGL Antwerp Major 2022 will be starting from the challengers stage of the tournament.

Russian AWPer, Dzhami "Jame" Ali, who is also the team's IGL (in-game leader) seems to have already submitted his autograph for the Antwerp Major's 'Player Signature Sticker' collection.

Earlier today, the 23-year-old shared more than a dozen photos of various different player signatures that he had prepared, including the one that apparently got approved by Valve. While it is early to say if Jame's accepted player signature would be released as it is, the approved design definitely provides a good idea of what elements his finalized sticker might include upon release.

Jame shares various player signature stickers he designed for the PGL Antwerp Major 2022

The Russian AWPer who is known for often saving the sniper rifle during a competitive match with loud chants and crazy spams of 'Jame Time', shared a bunch of player signature designs that were prepared for submission towards the Antwerp Major.

Jame also shared the one player signature idea that was approved by the developer of the game, Valve, who are also responsible for the release of the player signature sticker capsule.

The final version of the player signature sticker that was submitted by Jame after trying out various iterations of the same design consisted of a 'Katana', which is nothing but a Japanese sword, along with his name that blends with the sword at certain places.

Final player signature submitted by Jame that was approved by Valve

The above design was approved by Valve after Jame had submitted various other designs, one of them including the popular 'Jame Time' chant with an AWP in the background.

Jame Time - Player signature design

Another autograph design created by Jame that included an AWP was as follows,

Jame Time - Player signature design

Apart from these unique designs, Jame also shared a few other iterations of the design that was approved by Valve, stating that "I didn't even try to send some after one medium difficulty [signature sticker] was cancelled."

Jame player signature - Iteration 1

Though Valve has accepted one of the signature's submitted by Jame, it cannot be said with complete certainty that it would be released as it looks at this point in time. Some small changes or further iterations might take place depending on discussions between Valve and Jame.

Personally, the second iteration of the katana design along with Jame's signature looks really good. It would have been amazing to see that being included as part of the Antwerp Major - player signature sticker collection.

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