IEM Cologne 2022: [Watch] BIG Almost Lose Round as Chicken Scares SyrsoN

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Aditya Singh Rawat
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BIG Almost Lose Round As CS:GO&nbsp;Chicken Scares SyrsoN</p></div>
BIG Almost Lose Round As CS:GO&nbsp;Chicken Scares SyrsoN


The Chicken on Inferno are a bit of nuisance at times and one of them almost resulted in a round loss for BIG.
A chicken spooked syrsoN who was holding a close angle resulting in him missing his shot and allowing the attacker to gain an advantage on him.
This is not the first time such a thing has happened and Valve should look into this matter rather seriously.

CS:GO matches can get really wild at times and the ongoing IEM Cologne 2022 has already shown how true this is with some really crazy clips going absolutely viral.

BIG faced an unusual moment yesterday when playing against Outsiders on Inferno. Though they were under a bit of pressure in the first half playing CT-sided, things were not looking too bad until a random chicken decided to run right in front of Florian "syrsoN" Rische's scope which almost resulted in a lost round for the German side.

Even the commentators were taken aback by surprise as syrsoN who was holding a crucial angle got spooked by a random chicken that sprang out of the corner, almost resulting in a loss for BIG.

Chicken spooks syrsoN and almost results in a round loss for BIG

Chickens on Inferno are cute. They are fun to pass time with. Players can even take out their frustration on them. But at times they can also be the biggest nuisance, and the prime example of this statement was caught during a live tournament.

During the 14th round, syrsoN was holding a forward position in 'CT Apps' towards the 'Stairs'. He had the right read on the situation as his teammate Nils "k1to" Gruhne took down one player from Outsiders. He was waiting for the other attacking player to peek and at that very moment a chicken ran up the stairs, distracting him and taking the hit from his shot.

At this very moment, David "n0rb3r7" Daniyelyan swung the corner and hit syrsoN for 77 points of damage while also taking down k1to. However, syrsoN stayed calmed in the situation and recovered with a no scope hit that took care of the attacker.

If syrsoN would have failed to connect that second shot, the attackers would have gained entry into the 'A-Site' uncontested and then BIG would have had to go for a risky retake with odds stacked against it.

This is just one instance where a chicken has almost resulted in a lost round for a side. There are times when stakes have been higher and something similar has taken place.

It is just crazy to think how a chicken can result in a roasted player, even when they are absolutely not at fault. The perfect creatures to add more madness to a map that is synonymous with hell itself.

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