Gods Reigns Unveils its CS: GO Roster for Skyesports Masters

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Gods Reign CSGO Roster.


Gods Reign

Gods Reign, a leading Esports organization in India, joins Skyesports Masters as a franchise team for the highly anticipated tournament with a massive prize pool of INR 2,00,00,000.
The newly announced CS:GO roster of Gods Reign includes notable players who have represented India internationally, and the team will add two more players through cafe qualifiers.
Gods Reign's CEO expressed excitement about the tournament, highlighting its commitment to the growth of CS:GO's ecosystem and the opportunity to showcase the talent of its team in a highly competitive environment.

Gods Reign, a prominent Esports organization in India, has been announced as a franchise team for the highly anticipated Skyesports Masters tournament. With a staggering prize pool of INR 2,00,00,000, Skyesports Masters is set to become one of the biggest gaming events in the country.

In a recent announcement, Gods Reign revealed its newly formed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) roster for the tournament. The lineup consists of skilled players, including Anshul “KiiLSwitCh” Adarkar who has previously represented India at the World Esports Championships in both 2021 and 2022. Another notable player is Hrishikesh “Crazy_Gamer” Shenoy, who brings his rifling expertise to the team. Joining them are Piyush “Clouda” Kalwania and Akash “Ph1NN” Bose, both proficient riflers, along with Parijaat “Rev3nn” Banerjee, who excels as an Awper and also takes on the roles of Secondary IGL and Support.

Gods Regin on Entering CSGO

According to the regulations of Skyesports Masters, Gods Reign will be required to add two more players to its CS:GO roster through cafe qualifiers held across 20 cities throughout the country. This additional recruitment process will further strengthen the team's lineup in preparation for the tournament.

Anshul Adarkar, the captain of Gods Reign's CS:GO team, expressed his pride in representing the organization in this groundbreaking tournament. He emphasized the team's dedication to honing its strategies, teamwork, and individual gameplay to excel in the league. Adarkar and his teammates are determined to make their fans proud and prove themselves against the best competitors in the game.

K.R. Rohith, the CEO of Gods Reign, conveyed his immense delight in announcing its participation in the largest Esports tournament in the country. Rohith emphasized the organization's commitment to contributing to the growth of CS:GO's ecosystem in India, with Skyesports Masters serving as a catalyst for this development. He expressed confidence in the team's talented players and eagerly anticipated the opportunity to showcase their skills and the potential of Esports to the nation.

Gods Reign has established its presence in various Esports titles, including Battlegrounds Mobile India, Valorant, Pokemon Unite, New State Mobile, and Fifa. However, CS:GO marks a new addition to its expanding Esports division, further diversifying its competitive endeavors.

Skyesports Masters will commence with an online League Stage lasting several weeks, leading up to the LAN Playoffs. The tournament recently announced Revenant Esports as the first team to join the franchised league, setting the stage for an exciting competition ahead.

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