Game-Breaking CS:GO Bug Occurs During European RMR


Game-Breaking CS:GO Bug Occurs During Eternal Fire vs Dignitas at European RMR

PGL had to come forward and assess the situation before taking a decision.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A bizarre CS:GO bug was recently spotted during a European RMR match between Eternal Fire and Dignitas where the C4 did not spawn at the start of the round.
Eternal Fire did not realize this initially, only getting to know about it in the middle of the round when they were in a 3v3 situation against Dignitas.
Though Dignitas ended up winning the round, PGL admins looked into the matter and took a decision that the round would be replayed.

A really weird CS:GO bug occurred during the European RMR (Regional Major Rankings) match between Eternal Fire (EF) and Dignitas yesterday on 17th April. As noticed by everyone during the livestream, during the 40th round of the match which had gone into double overtime, no C4 (planting bomb) spawned at the start of the round which is almost unheard of.

Though Dignitas ended up winning that round initially, after a probe by PGL which took about 40 minutes, the admins took an official decision of replaying that round once again.

Overall this situation was bizarre because it is a once in a blue moon kind of a bug for the C4 to not spawn at all at the beginning of a round. It is a huge disadvantage for the attacking side and essentially breaks their purpose of playing that particular round at all.

Bizarre CS:GO bug occurs during Eternal Fire vs Dignitas which leaves everyone confused

Imagine being used to mechanics which are supposed to take place automatically in the game but fail to do so. Such a predicament in a competitive match can be quite unsettling. Well, something similar happened during the match between Eternal Fire and Dignitas when the C4 failed to spawn during the 40th round of the match.

According to a tweet by Eternal Fire's captain Özgür "woxic" Eker, the realization of the C4 not spawning that round hit everyone on Eternal Fire right in the middle of a 3v3 situation against Dignitas. As soon as everyone was aware of the situation chaos ensued on the team comms and the three players started to rush in order to win the round.

Woxic statement on the situation

Though Dignitas ended up taking the three kills and winning the round, PGL noticed what was going on and a technical timeout was called which lasted almost 40 minutes. The admins spoke to both teams and did a complete investigation from its side before concluding that the round would be replayed once again.

All said and done, Eternal Fire ended up winning the match by a '22-20' scoreline against Dignitas to qualify for the '1-1' bracket, where they faced a defeat against Team Vitality to make it into the '1-2' elimination bracket.

Also, this is not the first time that this bug has occurred. Last month during a match between Eternal Fire and GamerLegion, the former while attacking on Inferno found themselves in the exact same situation.

Despite being in a 1v3 situation, EF upon realizing that they do not have a C4, as it never spawned that round, was forced to attack GamerLegion's rifler Isak "isak" Fahlén, who ended up taking a triple kill to win the round for his side.

Hopefully, Valve will be looking into this bizarre bug and fix it. Already the bug seems to have caused a lot of chaos in the competitive scene and it would be best to avoid such a situation going forward.

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