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Former CS:GO Pro pashaBiceps Wins His First MMA Fight

Abhimannu Das
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Former CS:GO pro Jaroslaw ‘pashaBiceps’ Jarzabkowski made his MMA debut on 5th February 2022.
Pasha won against Michal ‘OwcaWK’ Owczarzak at the HIGH League in just two rounds and will be heading to the next round.
Fans can check out Pasha's matches at HighLive.TV, which are streamed on a pay-per-view basis.

Former CS:GO pro Jaroslaw ‘pashaBiceps’ Jarzabkowski made his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut and secured a second round knockout. Pasha is a former member of the Golden Five, a Polish team that cemented Virtus.Pro as one of the best CS:GO teams of all time. After retiring from CS:GO Pasha announced his MMA debut and his first fight took place against Michal ‘OwcaWK’ Owczarzak at the HIGH league on 5th February 2022.

Pasha is solid contender at the HIGH league

The HIGH MMA event Pasha is participating in is a celebrity fighting tournament. Going by former CS:GO pro’s current form, he is a solid contender at the event after managing to keep up with a professional bodybuilder and knocking his opponent out in just two rounds. Pasha proved that he can dish out lethal headshots in not just Counter-Strike with his trusty AWP, but also with his fists in MMA.

OWCA tumbled and was unable to continue after a clean hit to head by Pasha. The bodybuilder gave up and Pasha made his MMA debut with a solid win. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and other CS:GO pros gave Pasha a shoutout on the day of his match.

Pasha’s fans will be excited to see who he goes up against in the next round, and if he can start his MMA career off by winning the event. He has the support of the CS:GO community and it will be fun to see how far he makes it in the event.

How to watch pashaBiceps’ matches at HIGH league

pashaBiceps’ matches are streamed live on a PPV (Pay-per-view) system on HighLive.TV, which is the official platform of the tournament organizer. The online tickets for the matches are priced at €7.00 (INR 598). If you are unable to access the website, you may need to use a VPN to bypass restrictions in your region.

The event can be viewed in-person as well at the Tauron Arena Krakow in Poland. You can follow the 33-year old CS:GO star’s socials or check out the HighLive.TV website to know when he will compete next at the event.

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