Popular Russian Rapper Plans To Create CS:GO Team, Allegedly Invites Flamie


Flamie Allegedly Receives Invite From Popular Rapper to Join New CS:GO Team

Flamie may already be getting offers from different parties!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Flamie allegedly receives an invite from a popular Russian rap artist Egor Creed to join the CS:GO team he is assembling.
This comes just a day after flamie was announced as a free agent by Na'Vi, after having served the organization for more than six years.
Flamie will be seen in action along with the Na'Vi Junior team at the upcoming WePlay Academy League Season 2.

It seems long-standing Na'Vi rifler Egor "flamie" Vasilev who was recently announced as a free agent by the Ukrainian organization has already started attracting offers. The 24-year-old has allegedly been invited to joining a new upcoming CS:GO team which is being formed by popular Russian rapper Egor Kreed, according to a report by Alexey "OverDrive" Biryukov.

This comes just a day after flamie was announced as a free agent, with Na'Vi stating that he is bound to play with the Academy roster in the upcoming WePlay Academy League Season 2, following which he is free to take up any offer that comes his way.

The organization hopes to use his experience as a learning process for the Na'Vi Junior players, while also using the platform to showcase flamie's skill to interested parties.

Flamie becomes free agent after more than six years in Na'Vi


Russian rapper plans to create a CS:GO team for which flamie has allegedly been invited

Egor Creed is a popular Russian rapper and singer-songwriter who also loves playing games, casually streaming on Twitch every now and then. As a matter of fact, Creed was part of a CS:GO showmatch organized by Russian streamer Vyacheslav "buster" Leont'ev which had taken place in 2020.

Creed reportedly said that he plans on creating a new esports organization, in an episode of 'What Happened Next?' which is a series hosted by Russian entertainment YouTube channel LABELCOM.

Now we are making an esports organization. We have found five CS: GO players, hired a manager, and a coach. I have very cool guys who play CS:GO on a professional level, but they don't have a team. We decided to help these guys out.
Egor Creed

Note: The above has been translated from Russian to English, courtesy of cyber.sports.ru

While no information about this lineup was officially revealed by Creed, OverDrive has come forward with a report alleging that the CS:GO lineup gathered by the rap artist is as follows,

  • Ilya "fANDER" Bagreev

  • Vadim "h1glaiN" Tanasyuk

  • Sergey "airscape" Marochkin

  • Dmitry "propleh" Senigov

  • Egor "flamie" Vasilev

  • David "dave" Tereshin - Coach

As per OverDrive, flamie had received an invitation from Creed to be a part of his CS:GO roster. At the time of writing this article there has been no talk about this from any of the parties involved.

For now, flamie will be seen in action along with Na'Vi Junior at the yet announced WePlay Academy League Season 2. The platform serving as a way for flamie to showcase his skill to interested parties, while also imparting some knowledge to the younger players.

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