FlameZ Compares Nexa To Aleksib


FlameZ Compares Nexa and Aleksib Leadership Styles for OG CS:GO Team

OG is looking in good shape at the European RMR A.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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OG is performing quite consistently at the European RMR A having won its first match against MOUZ followed by a loss against NAVI.
FlameZ while talking about how nexa leads the current OG roster and how he has grown under his leadership, ended up comparing him to Aleksib.
On a personal level flameZ comments "The impact nexa has had on me is getting me to play the way I want to play, no matter what happens he'll be there to support me".

The European RMR A has started and OG is performing rather consistently, winning its first match against MOUZ followed by a defeat by NAVI. Currently standing in the '1-1' bracket OG is all set to go up against forZe later today.

Talking about how the team has been performing since Nemanja "nexa" Isaković replaced Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen as the captain for OG in January earlier this year, Israeli entry fragger Shahar "flameZ" Shushan in a recent interview with HLTV broke everything down in great detail.

FlameZ compared the current IGL (in-game leader) of OG to his former counterpart, while also adding how nexa along with Alexander "kakafu" Szymanczyk (Assistant Coach) has helped him evolve as a player in his time with the team so far.

FlameZ compares OG CS:GO team's current IGL Nexa to former captain Aleksib

Aleksib was the founding member of OG's CS:GO team in December 2019. He brought together a great lineup which consisted of both experienced players and young talent. Unfortunately, the initial OG roster failed to take off despite the lineup getting enough time to turn things around.

Ahead of the 2022 season OG and G2 Esports decided to swap their respective IGL's and nexa made his way to the Danish esports organization. Since his arrival OG has managed to qualify for the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 while also making it through to the European RMR A.

Comparing the two IGL's, flameZ pointed out that Aleksib has a lot of knowledge about Counter-Strike and this makes him really smart at the game, but OG required its own style of playing the game and this is what nexa helped them figure out with his loose style of gameplay.

"Nexa came in with this looser style, just to see how we play CS first of all, and then he involved his way of seeing CS and how the game should be played," said flamez, as he went on to give an example of how he has improved under nexa's leadership.

FlameZ thinks that he has learned a lot of his things about himself from nexa, "The impact he has had on me is getting me to play the way I want to play, no matter what happens he'll be there to support me. Even if I don't shoot well, there's always a general idea of how I should be playing, so even if I don't shoot well I can still go and do good utility damage, play for my team, basically by the book instead of doing the thing you just feel like doing."

Instead of going very aggressive, flameZ has started reacting according to the situation and he hopes to keep developing like this going ahead because the effect has been really huge for him individually.

FlameZ after OG lost to NAVI

OG will be seen in action later today as they take on forZe in the opening match of the '1-1' bracket, a single game series deciding if they move on to the qualifier bracket or the elimination match.

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