Wholesome FalleN Moment With Nin9 Wins Over The CS:GO Community


FalleN Wholesome Moment at Antwerp Major Wins Over the CS:GO Community

The Professor being his wholesome self at the Major.

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Imperial Esports defeated IHC Esports by a '2-1' scoreline in the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 eliminator match.
A wholesome jersey exchange moment between FalleN and nin9, after the match, has won over the entire CS:GO community.
Nin9 revealed that he used to watch FalleN a lot growing up, with the Brazilian saying that the future looks bright for the Mongolian team.

Brazilian CS:GO legend, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo never fails to impress everyone with his humility and down-to-earth personality. After winning against the Mongolian team IHC Esports in the elimination match, the Imperial lineup was seen engaging with the Mongolian players.

However, FalleN took it to the next level in a personal meeting with Yesuntumur "nin9" Gantulga, who is one of the more experienced players on the IHC roster.

The two-time Major winner exchanged jerseys with nin9 while appreciating IHC Esports' performance as a team. This wholesome moment shared by Imperial Esports on its YouTube channel has ended up winning over the entire CS:GO community and bolstered support in favor of the oldest team competing at this Major.

Wholesome jersey exchange moment between FalleN and nin9 wins over the CS:GO community

Seldom do we get to witness all the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on at a CS:GO tournament, especially those moments that are heartwarming such as two players exchanging their jerseys out of sheer respect after just having competed against each other in a Major eliminator.

Well, Brazilian CS:GO legend FalleN and Mongolian AWPer nin9 exchanged jerseys after Imperial won '2-1' against IHC, eliminating them from PGL Antwerp Major 2022. This gesture by both the players turned out to be one hell of a wholesome moment as praises were poured in from both sides.

FalleN statement on IHC Esports

This moment was captured and shared by Impreial Esports via its YouTube channel where the two players back at the hotel can be seen catching up in the lobby. FalleN first offered his jersey to nin9 as a gift after he was informed by someone that he used to watch him in the past.

"Yeah, I used to watch you a lot in the past when I was growing up as a CS:GO player," said nin9 who was really feeling the moment of catching up with one of the best players to have ever played the game.

FalleN went on to shake his hands while commending nin9's team on playing really well and that they had a bright future ahead of them. This is when nin9 offered his jersey to FalleN as well, who accepted it without a second thought.

The two players proceeded to click a few pictures while holding out the jerseys that they had presented to one another, with FalleN bidding farewell by saying "Nice to meet you, Goodluck next time. You guys played really well, keep working hard."

Note: The relevant part starts from 25:19 onwards.

IHC gave a tough fight to Imperial, winning their map pick Mirage with a '16-11' scoreline before going down on Overpass and Inferno, which were also closely contested.

Imperial Esports will be facing the final do-or-die match against forZe later today, starting from 23:00 IST onwards. The winner will be qualifying to the Legends Stage while the loser shall be getting eliminated from the tournament.

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