FACEIT Bans CS:GO Player For Toxicity And Hate Against Ukraine


FACEIT Bans CS:GO Player for Toxicity and Hateful Comments Against Ukraine

FACEIT takes firm action against a toxic Russian speaking CS:GO player.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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FACEIT hands a "lengthy ban" to a Russian speaking CS:GO player for being toxic and spreading hate against Ukraine during a match on its platform.
The punishment was handed following a post made by popular YouTuber Tweeday who posted a clip of the incident.
In the clip, the alleged Russian user can be seen spewing hate against Ukraine while also making abhorrent comments against Tweeday.

There has been a spike in the number of complaints against toxic players which many in the CS:GO community have come across while playing on FACEIT. Recently, the platform's community support decided to take action against one such toxic player purportedly from Russia following a public complaint by popular YouTuber 'Tweeday'.

The 29-year-old had come across a toxic Russian speaking player while playing CS:GO on FACEIT and according to him the user was being a constant nuisance by spamming the mic, insulting him, and was even heard saying "I hope all Ukrainians will die".

This is certainly not the first instance of such hate speech against Ukraine/Ukrainians on the platform where toxicity seems to be spreading at large. However, as the post by Tweeday gained traction and the word spread quickly enough, it managed to catch the attention of 'FACEIT Community Support' who rightly punished the user for his "truly abhorrent comments".

FACEIT takes action against toxic CS:GO player for making "abhorrent comments" against Ukraine

According to a short clip posted by well known YouTuber Tweeday, while playing a match on Dust via FACEIT, a toxic Russian speaking gamer can be seen spewing hate against Ukraine while also making an abhorrent comment against the player.

When Tweeday asked the user to quiet down during a clutch situation and stop micromanaging another player on their team, the alleged Russian player apparently started to trash talk and this is when the YouTuber said "I just don't want you guys to be f**king a**holes".

This was followed by the players saying "Just wait a little bit and Russian tanks will be in your town," followed by hate comments against Ukraine which is currently facing an invasion by Russia.

The FACEIT Community Support was quick to take action against the user when the post made by the YouTuber started gaining traction. A statement issued by them expressed that the user had been given a lengthy ban for the abhorrent comments made by him during the game.

Statement by FACEIT Community Support

Statement by FACEIT Community Support

Despite the swift action taken by the FACEIT Support, many in the CS:GO community called them out for being responsive only because the complaint was made by someone known and due to the particular post gaining a lot of traction.

Due to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, FACEIT clearly does not want its platform to be used as a place to propagate further hate, so it is possible that more such bans could be enforced to users going ahead.

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