ESIC Bans 3 CSGO Players As Part Of North America Match-Fixing Investigation


ESIC Bans Three CS:GO Players as Part of North America Match-Fixing Investigation

ESIC issues an interim update on the North America ESEA Match-Fixing Investigation.

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ESIC has taken action against three CS:GO players in connection with the North America ESEA Match-Fixing Investigation.
ESIC announced this as part of their 23rd August interim update, as the larger investigation continues to take place for 34 additional cases related to this matter.
All three CS:GO players handed a ban were former Rebirth players - retchy (5 Years), 4pack (5 Years), nosraC (111 days).

Esports Integrity Commision (ESEA) has issued an interim update on the ongoing North America ESEA Match-Fixing Investigation, as the case continues to be investigated by law enforcement agencies (FBI), anti-corruption supporters, and other stakeholders. ESIC through the 23rd August update has publicly notified that appropriate action has been taken against three CS:GO players while the larger investigation continues for 34 additional cases related to this matter. A further comment states that,

ESIC has observed compelling evidence which suggests that organised crime groups and foreign betting syndicates were involved in fraudulent activities during the course of Season 35 of the ESEA Premier: North America.
ESIC - Official Statement

ESIC gives an update on the North America ESEA Match-Fixing Investigation

ESIC has come forward with an interim update which publicly notifies that it has issued 'Notices of Charge' against three CS:GO players for breaches of the ESIC Anti-Corruption Code.

The following players have been banned for match-fixing and betting fraud related to ESEA Season 35: North America,

  • Sebastian “retchy” Tropiano: Five year ban (2nd April 2021 - 1st April 2026)

  • Kevin “4pack” Przypasniak: Five year ban (2nd April 2021 - 1st April 2026)

  • Carson “nosraC” O’Reilly: 111 day ban (2nd April 2021 - 22nd July 2021)

Retchy, 4pack, and nosraC are all former Rebirth CS:GO players. Earlier, ESIC had received a recording, a transcript, and other evidence related to a conversation between Rebirth and another team called Russian Canadians. This was considered as an evidence to manipulate the outcome of matches in ESEA Season 35: North America.

ESIC initiated a separate investigation into this matter and came to the above mentioned outcome. They are still working on the larger investigation and have specifically mentioned that "The outcomes announced in this release may not be the final outcome for the various participants mentioned."

The remaining two members of the former Rebirth lineup Alex “vek” Voynov and David “J0LZ” Jolin have currently not been charged by the breach of code by ESIC or barred from participating in any ESIC member event.

ESIC has also provided some 'Further Investigatory Activity' key points, some of the important ones are as follows,

  • ESIC has continued to work with law enforcement on all relevant overlapping areas of investigation.

  • ESIC is also working with a network of 40+ Anti-Corruption Supporters and non-member organisations to draw out betting data relevant to the investigation. This process is time-consuming and currently underway.

  • ESIC is, in addition, working with stakeholders to negotiate logistics for the examination of non-betting related data relevant to this investigation.

To read the complete official update statement by ESIC, 'Click Here'.

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