EliGE Complains About Dust 2 'Mid' Map Layout In CS:GO


EliGE Complains About Dust 2 'Mid' Map Layout, Community Responds

Dust 2 'Mid' seems to be literally under fire.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Team Liquid rifler, EliGE had a few complaints following their '2-0' victory against Fnatic at ESL Pro League Season 14 - Playoffs.
EliGE has a problem with the current CS:GO overtime economy system and the current state of Dust 2 'Mid' map layout.
The community came forward with a few suggestions from their side on how Valve could balance the 'Mid' section for both attackers and defenders.

Team Liquid did well in their opening playoffs match against Fnatic, handing them a '2-0' defeat and moving ahead to go up against Heroic in the quarter-finals. However, despite the win, North American rifler Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski had a few complaints, especially about the iconic CS:GO map Dust 2.

EliGE was not happy about the 'Mid' layout on Dust 2 which gives way too much information to the T-side, forcing CTs to use a utility, be it a HE grenade or a smoke to make any sort of rotation. Even after this, there was a chance that a CT player might get taken down through the 'Mid Doors' or receive some heavy damage.

EliGE unhappy with the current Dust 2 'Mid' map layout

Team Liquid faced no problem when it came to taking down Fnatic on Nuke with a '16-4' scoreline. However, their face off on the second map Dust 2 was a different affair as the game went into triple overtime before Liquid was finally able to secure a victory, the final scoreboard reading '25-21'.

In a statement made following the clean '2-0' victory, EliGE first complained about the overtime economy calling it "dumb". This was followed by the way 'Mid' position on Dust 2 has been made which gives the T-sided team a big upperhand right from the start, forcing the CT-side to utilise a smoke or a grenade to camouflage their rotation.

This was followed by a debate within the CS:GO community as many seemed to resonate with what EliGE had to say. They were also upset about the fact that T-sided players could take down or tag the CT players, despite them having used utility to shroud their rotations.

One suggested change was to the 'Mid Doors' itself, many saying that they could be changed from wood to metal, making them impenetrable. EliGE was personally not a big fan of this though.

EliGE on the Wood vs Metal suggestion

Other options discussed were some modifications to the 'Mid' section where a cloth or some sort of hanging object could be introduced to obstruct the attackers vision.

Some even opined that reverting the 'Mid' section to the way it used to be in the earlier version of Dust 2 could also be an effective way to combat this problem.

It will be interesting to see if Valve actually takes note of this problem because Dust 2 has not undergone a major change in a long time now.

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