Operation Riptide Comes To An End


CS:GO Update: Operation Riptide Ends, 6 New Maps Added, and More

Operation Riptide has come to an end after 154 days!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valve released a new update for CS:GO earlier today marking the end of Operation Riptide, which has concluded after a duration of 154 days.
While Valve decided to retain all the game modes that had been introduced with Operation Riptide, but all the five maps that had come along were removed.
However, Valve did add six new maps to CS:GO across various game modes.

The 11th CS:GO limited-time in-game event - Operation Riptide, has come to an end on 22nd February 2022, after running for a duration of about five months. This particular operation was not a huge success, mainly due to the absence of the massively popular Co-Op Strike missions, which are usually released twice through the duration of the event.

Apart from the conclusion of the operation, the update also removed all the maps that had released along with it, while subsequently adding six new ones across various game modes.

However, Valve refrained from removing the new game modes that had been introduced in CS:GO along with the operation, as those are still available for all the players.

Operation Riptide comes to an end, as Valve introduces six new maps to CS:GO

Operation Riptide which was released on 21st September 2021, has come to an end after a duration of 154 days as CS:GO released an update earlier today on 22nd February.

With the operation coming to an end, players have been given a deadline till 27th March 2022 to claim their operation rewards using the stars they earned during the course of the event.

While Valve has decided to keep the game modes which were introduced along with operation riptide, all the maps that had come along have been removed from their respective map pools.

The five CS:GO maps that came along with the operation and have now been removed are,

  • Basalt

  • Insertion II

  • Ravine

  • Extraction

  • Country

While these maps have been removed, six new CS:GO maps have also been added to the game across various game modes. The new maps are as follows,

  • Iris - Casual, Competitive, Deathmatch

CS:GO Map: Iris
  • Climb - Casual, Competitive, Deathmatch

CS:GO Map: Climb
  • Crete - Wingman

CS:GO Map: Crete
  • Hive - Wingman

CS:GO Map: Hive
  • Vineyard - Danger Zone

CS:GO Map: Vineyard
  • Ember - Danger Zone

CS:GO Map: Ember

The community's reception to the update was lukewarm, as they wanted Valve to retain Insertion II. This map in particular was highly appreciated by the entire community and no one wanted to see it go from the game.

Though there is no official news at this point in time about the map returning to the game, it might make a comeback sometime later.

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