CS:GO Trader Puts Rare Weapon Skin With Extremely Low Float For Sale At $194,000 USD


CS:GO Trader Puts Rare Weapon Skin With Extremely Low Float for Sale at $194,000 USD

These CS:GO skin prices are getting ridiculous!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Arab CS:GO trader and collector who goes by the name of Lunar has listed a rare weapon skin with extremely low float value at $194,000 USD.
The CS:GO skin being sold is a StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan which is in Factory New condition with four Titan Holo stickers and a Float Value of 0.00035.
Lunar claims it to be the best AK-47 Vulcan skin in the world, currently being sold on the market, all due to its float value.

CS:GO skin prices are known to skyrocket for rare and valuable items, so it is no surprise that an Arab trader and collector has put an AK-47 skin for sale at 1,250,000 CNY, which is roughly about $194,000 USD. The collector who goes by the name of Lunar on both Twitter and Steam has announced the sale of a StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan, the weapon skin is in Factory New condition with four Titan Holo stickers and an extremely low Float Value of 0.00035.

All of this together combined is what raises the weapon price to such a high number. The collector even claimed it to be the best StatTrak™ Vulcan skin for the rifle as it has the least float value on the market.

Rare CS:GO weapon skin put on sale for $194,000 USD

An Arab trader has alleged that the StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan weapon skin owned by him is the best in the world, as it apparently has the lowest float value among those currently on the market for sale. The following image was shared by Lunar as potential proof of the same, which has been taken from data available on CS:GO Float.

Potential value of CS:GO Weapon from Float Value

As per this image, the weapon being sold by the trader seems to have the lowest float value among similar weapon skins. However, a personal check should be made if in case a user is interested in approaching the trader with an offer.

Lunar has also requested for the trade to take place in crypto, the selling price set at 1,250,000 CNY by him which is approximately $194,000 USD.

This is not the only active trade that Lunar is offering. On 1st September, he was ready to trade 14 Titan Holo stickers to acquire a specific CrytoPunk - one of the first non-fungible tokens on the Etherium blockchain.

There was a bit of a debate whether the asking price for the skin put on sale by Lunar is high and unfair, to which the trader responded by saying that his asking price is low.

Giving an example, Lunar posted the image of a listing involving the exact same skin that had everything similar to what he was offering, with a higher float value of 0.0122. It was being sold for 1,100,000 CNY, which is about $170,700 USD, a difference of $23,300 USD.

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