CS:GO Star Dev1ce Punches Monitor In Frustration At ESL Pro League S14


CS:GO Star Dev1ce Punches Monitor in Frustration at ESL Pro League S14

Even the best out there find it tough to stay cool sometimes!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO star AWPer, dev1ce lost his cool and took his frustration out on his monitor while playing against Entropiq at ESL Pro League Season 14.
After losing a clutch on Dust 2, dev1ce could not hold it back and delivered a punch to his monitor that rocked it back and forth a couple of time.
NIP called a timeout in the following round as dev1ce's monitor had apparently stopped working.

Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) star AWPer, Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz lost his cool momentarily while playing against Entropiq on 2nd September at ESL Pro League Season 14. While playing on the first map Dust 2, NIP was leading by a score of '13-10' when dev1ce went berserk with the AWP, unfortunately he was not able to convert his crazy quad kill streak into a round win for the side.

As a reaction to this, dev1ce went on to punch his monitor pretty hard as it bounced on its stand a few times and stopped working for some time, forcing NIP to take a time out before playing the next round.

Dev1ce takes his frustration out on his monitor during a CS:GO tournament

The 25-year-old Danish AWPer, who is generally very level headed within the server, was not quite himself after he missed out on both his ace and the round win.

Donning an AWP, the lethal marksmen was striking hard, delivering heavy blows one after the other to the defending Entropiq side during the 24th round. NIP had committed to planting on the 'A-Site' as they slowly made their way to execute a plant.

The CT-side did not confront them head on, instead they played in a rather unconventional position deep within the site itself. NIP who were already facing a two man deficit were stuck as Entropiq had all players defending the site.

This is when dev1ce jumped into action as he took down four defending players one after the other, finding himself in a 1v1 situation which he surprisingly lost, missing out on both his ace and a round win for NIP.

While this was not a big deal for NIP who still had a '13-11' lead, dev1ce seemed to have been triggered quite a bit following that missed clutch opportunity as he punched his monitor in frustration after the round.

It was quite a hard hit as dev1ce can be seen holding his knuckles after having punched the monitor, that made it wobble a few times on its stand. NIP called for a timeout in the following round due to a suspected damaged monitor, with the casters saying that, "You guys can speculate as to why that might be the case."

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