CS:GO Releases PGL Major Stockholm Viewer Pass, Team Stickers, and Team Patches


CS:GO Releases PGL Major Stockholm Viewer Pass, Team Stickers, and Team Patches

Valve releases a plethora of content and cosmetics for the PGL Major.

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Valve releases the Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass, Team Stickers, Team Patches, and more for CS:GO.
The Viewer Pass available in two variants brings with it Pick'Em Challenges, Graffitis, Flair, Souvenir Tokens, and Souvenir Packages.
Team Stickers and Team Patches can be bought and sold on the Steam Marketplace.

Valve has dropped the CS:GO update dedicated to the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The update introduces the 2021 Viewer Pass, Team Sticker Capsules, and for the first time ever Team Patch Packs.

The Viewer Pass which is available in two variants further brings with it a lot of in-game content like the Stockholm 2021 Event Coin, Pick'Em Challenge, Team Graffitis, Steam.tv Flair, and Stockholm 2021 Souvenir Packages.

The community was really excited to see all the content that Valve released, to the extent of even appreciating the minimalistic and clean design of the team stickers. But many were extremely disappointed with the developer's decision to limit the player autographed stickers to just the top eight PGL Major CS:GO teams.

Valve releases PGL Major Stockholm 2021 content for CS:GO

The much awaited PGL Major themed content has finally been released by Valve for CS:GO, as the community gets busy comparing their Pick'Em and commenting on all the content released along with it.

Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass

There are two variants for the viewer pass released by Valve, the base variant which can be purchased for INR 750 and the upgraded variant which costs INR 1,350.

50% of the proceeds from this will be going to all the teams and organizations that are taking part in the PGL Stockholm 2021 CS:GO Major Championship.

Both these viewer passes will give the user access to the following,

  • Upgradable Stockholm 2021 Event Coins, which can be levelled up all the way from bronze up to diamond. The upgrade depends on the number of Pick'Em Challenges completed by the user.

    3 correct predictions to upgrade from Bronze to Silver.

    6 correct predictions to upgrade from Silver to Gold.

    9 correct predictions to upgrade from Gold to Diamond.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Event Coin

  • All-you-can-spray team graffiti.

  • Steam.tv flair to show support for your favorite team.

  • Access to exclusive Stockholm 2021 Souvenir Packages, which the users can redeem through the Souvenir Tokens until 20th December.

  • Stockholm 2021 Pick'Em Challenge, correct predictions will lead to users completing the set challenges and earning Souvenir Tokens which can be redeemed for Stockholm 2021 Souvenir Packages.

    There are three stages of Pick'Em Challenge for the various phases of the tournament,

    Users need to pick the eight teams they think will advance through the New Challengers Stage, including one team each that will go '3-0' and '0-3'.

    Users need to pick the eight teams they think will advance through the New Legends Stage, including one team each that will go '3-0' and '0-3'.

    Users need to pick from among the final eight teams they think will reach the quarterfinals, semifinals, and the grand finals.

Team Stickers

Team Stickers for PGL Major 2021 have been released priced at INR 74 for all three Legends, Challengers, Contenders. These stickers are available in four different types of quality - Normal, Holo, Foil, Gold. All the stickers can be bought and sold on the Steam Market.

  • Legends: G2 Esports, Na’Vi, NiP, Team Liquid, Gambit, Team Vitality, FURIA, Evil Geniuses.

  • Challengers: Astralis, Team Spirit, Heroic, BIG, Movistar Riders, mousesports, paiN Gaming, ENCE.

  • Contenders: Virtus.pro, Sharks, FaZe Clan, TYLOO, Copenhagen Flames, Entropiq, Renegades, GODSENT.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Team Stickers

Team Patches

For the first time ever team patches have been introduced to a CS:GO Major, enabling players to support their teams by wearing logos on the sleeve, back, or ammo pouch for the agent of their choice.

Patches can be bought for INR 150 a piece and have been segregated into Legends, Challengers, and Contenders. They are available in two different types of quality - Normal and Gold. All the patches can be bought and sold on the Steam Market.

Finally, there are also the Souvenir Tokens that can be purchased separately for INR 225. These tokens can be used on any match of the users choice to obtain exclusive souvenir quality skins.

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