CS:GO Major Winner RUSH Might Switch Over To Valorant


CS:GO Major Winner RUSH Might Switch Over to Valorant

RUSH is checking out his options before making the jump.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO Major winner, RUSH might be switching over to compete in Valorant.
RUSH has been on Complexity Gaming's bench for over a month now and seems close to having made a decision about his future.
He was replaced by es3tag on Complexity's active CS:GO roster.

North American rifler, Will "RUSH" Wierzba is considering a switch to Valorant following his departure from Complexity Gaming's active CS:GO roster. The 27-year-old, who is the winner of ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, has been absent from the competitive scene for more than a month now. RUSH recently came forward to speak a bit about his future in esports, as he clarified that nothing is set in stone at this point in time. However, to be transparent from his side, RUSH did say that, "I've been feeling out Valorant the last month to see if it's a viable option for me."

This means that the North American rifler is considering a switch to compete in Valorant, which might be due to a lack of opportunities in the region when it comes to competitive CS:GO.

Another professional North American CS:GO player might be switching to Valorant

RUSH is considering a switch to Valorant after being away from the competitive CS:GO circuit for more than a month now. The rifler who is currently on Complexity Gaming's bench, has revealed that he has been playing a bit of Valorant since a month now, feeling out the game while also checking its viability as a potential career option.

RUSH might switch to Valorant

The talented rifler who already has a CS:GO Major under his belt, moved around multiple North American organizations like OpTic Gaming, Cloud9, and most recently, Complexity Gaming. His last stint came to an end just a month back, after having spent almost two years with the team, spending the entire pandemic "hopping from hotel to hotel in Europe".

Unfortunately, despite putting in so much effort, the team was not able to achieve anything significant with their previous iteration of the roster. RUSH knew his time with the lineup had come to an end as the team failed to make it work as he made peace with his farewell while stating, "Currently evaluating all my options while I try to enjoy the rest of my break."

It seems RUSH has come to a decision from his side which seems to be leaning towards a switch to Valorant, as there are very limited opportunities when it comes to CS:GO in the North American region.

The recent performance of the CS:GO teams from North America at ESL Pro League Season 14 is proof of how far the talent in the region has deteriorated, as both Bad News Bears and Evil Geniuses crash out of their respective groups without a single win to their name.

Though no decision has officially been made by RUSH so far, it will be interesting to see if he remains in CS:GO or makes the jump over to Valorant.

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