CS:GO Bug On Ancient Allows Players To Reach Top Of Building


CS:GO Bug on Ancient Allows Players to Reach the Top of Building Near 'B-Site'

A new way to defend the 'B-Site' on Ancient.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A new bug has been discovered on Ancient which allows players to reach the top of the building near the 'B-Site'.
This is possible due to a clipping bug and requires commitment from the entire team.
This is not feasible in a professional competitive environment but might be legal during casual gameplay.

CS:GO players recently discovered a new bug on the latest map Ancient, which allows users to climb all the way to the top of a structure overlooking both 'B-Site' and 'CT-Spawn'. This is clearly not a game feature and is more likely a clipping bug through which players can access the roof, an overpowering position for a player equipped with an AWP.

The position seems to be more accessible to the defending side as they will be able to approach it more quickly once the round starts, but if the attacking side gains entry into the 'B-Site' then they will be able to occupy this spot pretty easily as well.

New bug on CS:GO map Ancient allows players to climb on top of a building

The official decider map in competitive CS:GO, Ancient, which faces a tough contest from Overpass, seems to have a clipping bug that some players recently discovered. Using this unintended clip in structure geometry, players were able to reach the very top of the structure using a combination of jumps.

Only a single player can reach the top of the building as the initial jump requires commitment from the entire team. A four-man boost needs to be executed near the 'Pillar' on 'B-Site', with the top most player jumping on top of the structure.

From here on out, the player simply walks on the edge and makes his way towards the roof of the adjacent structure armed with an AWP. On reaching the locations, this player will have complete vision over 'B-Site', 'Back Alley', and 'CT Spawn' completely shutting down the other team.

In the clip above, the attacking side after finding entry into the 'B-Site' was able to take hold of this spot, but this location generally favors the defending side as they will be able to reach it faster.

However, this will be a huge gamble for the side as they will be leaving the 'A-Site' completely vacant for a good 15 seconds, enough for the attackers to take control if they decide to hit the site fast.

The CT spawn on Ancient can be viewed from this spot

This is obviously not a highly practical move, especially in a professional setup, but in a casual competitive environment a team could potentially use it sparingly for fun or to catch the opposition by surprise.

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