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Counter-Strike 2 Will Not Get a macOS Version

Abhimannu Das
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Counter-Strike 2 will not be getting a macOS version due to the lack of Vulkan support and a small playerbase.
Existing macOS CS:GO players will need to shift to Linux or Windows to continue playing the game.

If you are a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player waiting for the release of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) on macOS, we have some bad news for you. Valve just announced that the game will not be getting a macOS version so you will need to either shift to Windows or Linux if you want to continue playing Counter-Strike. There are developmental challenges that prevent Valve from supporting the game on the platform and while there may be alternative ways to run the game on macOS by emulating Windows, the process is not worth the hassle for most players.

Here’s why Counter-Strike 2 will not come to macOS

CS2 is built on the Vulkan graphics API, which is not natively supported by macOS. This would mean that Valve would have to develop a custom Vulkan implementation for macOS, which would be a significant undertaking.

Valve has stated that the macOS player base for CS:GO is less than 1% of the total player base. This means that there is not a large enough market to justify the investment of developing a macOS version of CS2.

In addition to these two main reasons, there are also some other challenges that Valve would face in developing a macOS version of CS2, such as the need to support different versions of macOS and the need to work with Apple to ensure compatibility with Apple hardware and software.

Valve has stated that they are committed to supporting macOS gamers, but they have also made it clear that they will not develop a macOS version of CS2 unless there is a significant increase in the macOS player base.

It is worth noting that there are some third-party tools that allow gamers to play Windows games on macOS, such as Bootcamp and Parallels. However, these tools can be complex to use and can have a negative impact on performance.

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