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Counter-Strike 2 Plagued by Major Hitbox Bug Ahead of IEM Sydney

Abhimannu Das
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Players have discovered a game-breaking hitbox bug in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) that could affect the competitive integrity of the upcoming IEM Sydney event.
Tournament organizer ESL is prepared to make changes to its rulings to ensure the teams have a fair and competitive experience.

Counter-Strike 2’s issues continue to plague the game with a major hitbox misalignment issue being discovered by players. Twitter user Joleksu posted a demonstration of the buff that showcases inconsistencies between the displayed models of players and the server-based locations. This is a game-breaking issue that needs to be addressed immediately as we are just days away from IEM Sydney.

What is the CS2 Hitbox Bug?

Joleksu showcased in his tweet that when he fires an M4A4 at a bot, there is a misalignment between the actual hitbox and what registers on the server. This was showcased using console commands that can allow players to see the actual hitbox of the bot. Despite shooting the bot’s head, the hitbox is not properly aligned and is further back.

This bug causes players to miss their shots despite firing directly at enemies. There are also some gaps that exist in various parts of player hitboxes. Joleksu shared multiple images highlighting some of the issues that Counter-Strike 2 has with its hitboxes. 

Other Twitter users also pointed out that the hitboxes lag behind character models when they are moving, which is a shocking discovery. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) also launched with similar issues but they were addressed back in 2015 and it’s bizarre to see the same issues return almost a decade later in Counter-Strike 2.

Tournament organizer ESL declared its stance on the issues ahead of IEM Sydney. It said, “Bugs and issues are to be expected, and we will adapt accordingly. We encourage you to report any and all bugs, exploits, and issues to us so that we can work together to identify, attempt to develop any potential solutions, and conclude on things.”

The esports community and the game’s general playerbase are trying to work around the issues and hopefully, Valve will address the common complaints surrounding the game soon.

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