Brazilian Football Club Corinthians Enters CS:GO Esports


Brazilian Football Club Corinthians Officially Enters CS:GO Esports

Corinthian Esports has two CS:GO rosters - Main and Academy.

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Popular Brazilian football club, Corinthians Paulista, has officially entered competitive CS:GO as promised earlier this month.
Corinthians Esports has taken all the players on loan from the HUMMER Esports lineup to form its inaugural CS:GO roster.
Corinthians Esports already has an academy CS:GO roster which they recently signed and now they operate a main roster as well.

One of the most popular regional football clubs from Brazil, Corinthians Paulista, which is based in Sao Paulo, has stayed true to its promise of entering CS:GO esports.

On 27th July, Corinthians CDS Esports, the esports wing of the organization announced its main CS:GO roster which consists of players from HUMMER Esports, a Brazilian esports organization.

Corinthians Esports has opted for a rather unique strategy when it comes to owning a CS:GO team. It has apparently taken all the players of the HUMMER Esports lineup on loan, players that have previously played together under the banner of Sao Caetano, another Brazilian football club-owned esports organization.

Corinthians Esports take entire lineup on loan to officially enter competitive CS:GO

Brazil is bustling with activity when it comes to CS:GO with the title absolutely winning over the players and fans from the region, especially after the announcement of the IEM Rio Major 2022.

A lot of organizations are now looking to expand into the title with new regional rosters, pushing homegrown talents to the international stage and raising the level of competition within Brazil as well.

FC Corinthians Paulista, is one of the latest to enter CS:GO by taking all the players on loan from HUMMER Esports under its esports wing, Corinthians CDS Esports. Quite the unique way of establishing one's presence.

The complete CS:GO roster is as follows,

  • Gustavo "SHOOWTiME" Gonçalves

  • Caio "zqkS" Fonseca

  • Cristopher "ckzao" Chalus

  • Felipe "delboNi" Delboni

  • Daniel "danoco" Morgado

This is the main CS:GO roster of Corinthians Esports. The organization recently also signed an academy roster, taking a serious step forward and covering all their bases well in advance.

Instead of testing the waters and observing how it works out for them with the main or academy roster, the Brazilian organization has decided to dive in head-on across all fronts.

Their academy roster is as follows,

  • Pedro "bnc" Mendes

  • Diogo "Cerolzin" Terto

  • Pedro "ph1" Henrique

  • Marcello "tkl" Fernandes

  • Williams "will1zera" Saboia

While the Corinthians Academy has already managed to attain victory at the ESEA Summer 2022 Cash Cup 3 South America. The main roster will be debuting under its new banner on 27th July in a regional CS:GO tournament called 'CLUTCH', where they will be going up against ODDIK in the semifinals.

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