Boombl4 Shares Drug Test Results To Prove He Is Clean


Boombl4 Shares Drug Test Results to Prove That He Is Clean

The Russian CS:GO player is doing everything to prove he is drug-free!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Russian CS:GO player, Boombl4, publicly shared his drug test results to prove that he is a nonuser.
According to the results shared by Boombl4, his sample for the urinalysis was collected on 8 June, the same day he was accused by his ex-wife.
Boombl4 had underwent a "Urinalysis for nicotine, psychotropic, and narcotic substances," obtaining the results on 12 June.

Russian CS:GO player, Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhaylov, was recently accused of using drugs by his ex-wife, Angelika "LiQueen" Mikhailova. The allegations were made following their divorce, barely a month after the two had allegedly resolved their earlier differences and reconciled.

At that point in time, Boombl4 had claimed that he was being blackmailed by LiQueen, who was apparently spreading "huge amounts of fake information" on the internet while also having shared various photos and videos.

The 23-year-old shared the results of a drug test that he had taken on 8th June, which is the same day when the accusations were made by his ex-wife and divorce between the two was announced.

Russian CS:GO player Boombl4 shares a drug result to claim that he doesn't use drugs

Former NAVI captain, Boombl4 shared the results of a test that he had undergone on 8th June. This is the same day on which the video of him allegedly consuming a powdery white substance by snorting it had gone viral across the CS:GO and gaming community.

Note: The above image has been translated from Russian to English using Google translate.

According to the image shared by Boombl4, he underwent a 'Urinalysis for nicotine, psychotropic, and narcotic substances' for which the sample was collected on 8th June itself, where as the print date of the result is 12th June.

Based on the analysis of the sample by the doctor, there was no trace of any alcohol, psychoactive substances, or narcotic substances in Boombl4's system though traces of nicotine and metabolites were 'discovered'. This result states that Boombl4's body was in a drug-free state at and around the time of the sample being collected.

However, the drug he accused of using (Mephedrone) has a very short half life of 2.15 hour and only stays in your system anywhere between 48 to 72 hours. According to the Banyan Treatment Center (an addiction treatment center in the United States), mephedrone usually does not show up on regular drug screenings and is not one of the drugs that are included in drug screening panels.

Boombl4 ex-wife made a statement on her Telegram channel, claiming that he was "a junkie," addicted to a drug called Mephedrone- a synthetic stimulant that is often compared with the likes of cocaine and ecstasy.

Post by LiQueen about Boombl4 on her Telegram channel

Post by LiQueen about Boombl4 on her Telegram channel

At the time of the allegations, Boombl4 had said that he would be taking legal actions against his ex-wife by filing a defamation lawsuit against her.

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