Astralis Spike Responds To Sexual Assault Allegations


Astralis Female CS:GO Pro Spike Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations

A response to accusations made against her by a former teammate.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Current Astralis Female CS:GO player spike has finally responded to the sexual assault allegations made against her by former teammate KiKi.
Spike categorically broke down everything that transpired between KiKi and her at the week-long bootcamp in Poland with the former CS:GO team.
Spike denied any involvement of a sexual assault but did agree to some of the things that KiKi had said in her statement.

A member of Astralis female CS:GO team, Selin “spike” Alak, has finally spoken against the sexual assault allegations made against her by former teammate, Kaia "KiKi" Holmen.

Yesterday on 11th October, spike came forward with her version of how things had unfolded at the week-long bootcamp held in Poland, Europe along with her previous team, Ambush Esports Female.

She gave a detailed breakdown of the accusations that had been made against her, while also explaining how she perceived the situation between KiKi and herself.

"My goal with this is not to invalidate KiKi’s experience. I understand that she must have felt uncomfortable in one way or another if she feels the need to make a TwitLonger. Although what happened that night can never be classified as sexual assault, I cannot downplay her personal understanding of that evening," mentioned spike before going ahead with her points on the matter.

Spike responds to the sexual assault allegations made against her by KiKi

Professional female CS:GO player, KiKi, a few days back on 8th October had alleged that she had been sexually assaulted by her former teammate, spike, while playing together under Ambush Esports Female.

KiKi provided a detailed description of the incident that had supposedly occurred while the team was bootcamping in Poland for a week.

Three days later, spike, has provided her version of how things unfolded between the two players, denying any involvement of a sexual assault while conveying how she perceived everything that took place before, during and after the bootcamp.

Spike starts off by stating that "Before the bootcamp, KiKi and I had been flirty with each other," going on to claim that KiKi had implied multiple times during the team's (Ambush Esports Female) video chat sessions that she was interested in her.

"This is why I even built up the courage to ask her to make out with me, combined with the fact that we had already made out one day prior to this in front of the whole team," states spike.

From here on spike goes on to categorically explains her side of the story on multiple things stated by KiKi,

  1. Talking about KiKi and her sharing a room during the bootcamp, spike alleges that it was KiKi who had offered her to be roommates after having selected a room for herself.

    "I was happy that she offered to share the room, since it was simply the best bedroom. But saying she felt forced to stay with me does not make any sense," says spike.

  2. Spike accepts that it was indeed her who had asked KiKi "whether she was open to make out and she said yes."

  3. The part about KiKi constantly saying no to deny advances from spike and screaming to make her stop was labeled as "blatant lie". Spike alleged that she did not do anything with KiKi physically against her will.

    "She never shouted or kept saying no. Nobody in the house, including the staff, heard any screaming or yelling because it simply did not happen," says spike.

Spike went on to further state what allegedly transpired after the bootcamp was over, claiming that KiKi had accepted an apology for making her feel uncomfortable over a conversation on TeamSpeak, in the presence of two other teammates.

The Astralis lurker concluded by stating that she should not have engaged with a teammate, reiterating that she had done her part by asking for consent and not forcing herself upon KiKi, hence there was no sexual assault.

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