Astralis Signs Female CS:GO Team


Astralis Announces New Female CS:GO Team

CS:GO women's circuit receives another competitor!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Astralis announces a women's CS:GO team which will be debuting at the ESL Impact Season 2.
The team comprises of both experienced and young players from different countries spread across Europe.

The women's circuit in CS:GO is going to witness quite the competition with multiple top-tier organizations signing a female roster. Astralis is the latest team to step up and announce a new lineup consisting of five players and a coach, ready to debut at the upcoming ESL Impact League Season 2.

This female roster consists of a European mix of players hailing from different countries spread throughout the region. Overall the team presents a good balance of experienced players and young blood. The average age of the lineup being 23.2 years.

The senior experienced trio consists of Aurora "aurora" Lyngdal, Kászandrá ”kezziwow” Héjja, and Rachel ”RacheLL” Kujawa, while the younger players that add more firepower are Selin “spike” Alak and Yoana ”Joanana” Vlaykova.

Astralis signs a new European women's CS:GO team

The Danish esports organization owns multiple rosters in different competitive titles, adding one more with a focus to compete in the largest international women's CS:GO league - ESL Impact Season 2.

Astralis female CS:GO team to debut at ESL Impact

With this move, Astralis also intends to make a positive impact by becoming an active part of the women's circuit and developing it further.

"We want to push even further with our new team," says Anders Hørsholt - CEO of Astralis, "Our values are grounded in performing at our best and always developing, but also in embracing gaming at all levels, regardless of traditional distinctions."

This is why even the women's CS:GO team will be going by the name of 'Astralis', like all other teams that are not a part of its talent program.

The team's spokesperson, aurora expresses that becoming a part of Astralis is like a dream come true, "We have spent a week with virtually everyone at the head office, and you really feel how everybody goes into this with both heart and professionalism, to make a difference."

She further added that women in Counter-Strike fight for both results and respect, something that this roster will be able to do at the very top of all tournaments, "we believe we can make a change and win both battles."

Statement by Aurora on joining Astralis

The Astralis women's CS:GO team consists of the following players,

  • Aurora "aurora" Lyngdal - Lurker

  • Kászandrá ”kezziwow” Héjja - IGL

  • Rachel ”RacheLL” Kujawa - Entry Fragger

  • Selin “spike” Alak - Lurker

  • Yoana ”Joanana” Vlaykova - AWP

  • Rafael ”FeldmaN” Rodriquez - Coach

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