Stats Showcase Average Weapon Inspect Time Across All CS:GO Ranks

Stats Showcase Average Weapon Inspect Time Across All CS:GO Ranks

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO stats analyzing website '' recently found out the average weapon inspect time across the different ranks.
  • Their research was based on more than 500,000 CS:GO demos, comparing weapon inspect time in seconds across the ranks.
  • Check out some key takeaways based on the results of this experiment.

Valve has always allowed users to inspect their weapons in CS:GO. It does not directly affect the gameplay in any way but allows users to show off their weapon skins, if any, to other players and mostly just admire it themselves. However, over the years it has just become something that most players often do instinctively, not even looking at the skin half the time while the inspect action is going on. Also, it makes for some awesome highlight reels at times. Intrigued by this behavior showcased by the majority of the players, CS:GO stats analyzing website ‘’ compared the average weapon inspect time across different ranks.

They have compiled their findings and represented them in the form of a graph, that compares average weapon inspect time in seconds to the different CS:GO ranks from Silver I to Global Elite. Check out some interesting things that we found from these findings and some key takeaways.

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Average Weapon Inspect Time Across CS:GO Ranks

CS:GO stats analyzing website ‘’ compiled all this information based on a total of 500,000 demos. So it may not be absolutely perfect but it is fairly accurate considering the massive sample size taken for the study. From the graph below which forms the crux of this whole research, we can draw some interesting conclusions which are as follows:

  • As per the graph, the lower-ranked CS:GO players seem to be less keen on inspecting their CS:GO weapons. This could be because they are still trying to learn the game and master various skills, so inspecting weapons in-between could be a matter of distraction.

  • On the other hand, higher-ranked players tend to press ‘F’ a lot more, reaching the peak with Distinguished Master Guardian players who inspect their weapons for more than 4.5 seconds on an average. From here on the graph once again goes on a consistent decline, hitting an average of slightly more than 4 seconds with the Global Elite players.

  • Also as present on the graph, players who use snipers mostly an AWP tend to inspect their weapons far more than rifles mostly AK-47 and M4A4/M4A1-S, when it comes to low-ranked CS:GO players. This difference slowly fills up as we reach Master Guardian 2, where both these types of weapons are equally inspected on an average.

  • As we move ahead towards Global Elite a difference again creeps up but it is very slight with sniper weapons taking the lead over rifles. This could be due to the fact that generally, AWP skins are more expensive than those available for rifles so players tend to have more pride in owning one.

These were some of the key takeaways from the graph. The research in no way shows that inspecting a weapon affects performance, it is just a personal choice at the end of the day and just depends on how much you want to style on your opponents, show off that skins, or just do it instinctively as a behavior trait.

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