CS:GO Legend PashaBiceps Features on the Cover of Polish Fashion Magazine

CS:GO Legend PashaBiceps Features on the Cover of Polish Fashion Magazine

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO legend PaschaBiceps features on the cover of Polish fashion magazine for men called Elle Man.
  • An extensive article with PashaBiceps also featured in the magazine titled “Not only about esports”.
  • The Pole is currently a streamer for Team Liquid while also creating content on YouTube around CS:GO, lifestyle, and health.

CS:GO Legend Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarzabkowski featured on the cover of a Polish fashion magazine for men called ‘Elle Man’. The Elle Man magazine’s latest summer edition featured an extensive interview with pashaBiceps titled “Not only about esports”, alongside other articles with renowned Polish celebrities. They also put him on the cover of one of the two versions of the latest edition of the magazine. The article focused on pashaBiceps life within and outside the realm of esports, a short caption from Elle Man described the former VP member as “A world-famous gamer who proves in real life that exercise is good for people not only in front of a computer screen.”

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PaschaBiceps Hits The Cover of Polish Magazine

It is quite an achievement to reach the front page of a publication, but it is even more prestigious to own the entire cover page of a magazine with an extensive interview talking about you and your accomplishments. This only amplifies a thousand times over if you are from a niche background such as esports, just like the Polish legend pashaBiceps who recently featured on the cover of Polish fashion magazine 'Elle Man'. He along with the Golden Five and Virtus.pro lineup is considered to have put Poland on the map of competitive Counter-Strike.

The 33-year-old might have stepped down from the competitive circuit but his link with esports and gaming continues to run strong. Currently a streamer for the North American organization Team Liquid, pashaBiceps now focuses on creating content across Twitch and YouTube which is a mix of streaming CS:GO, lifestyle vlogs, and case openings.

He is also the CEO of PashaGamingCamp and PashaGamingSchoo, aimed towards building young esports athletes the right way, while also recognizing talented players at a young age and providing them with the right guidance. The Pole still keeps in touch with the esports community while also participating in show matches every now and then, to connect with his fans and supporters.

The one time CS:GO Major winner and MVP has a rich history behind him which will be cherished and remembered for a long time to come. He has proved himself as one of the few CS:GO legends to have ever touched the game and continues to inspire the next generation of players also.

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