CS:GO Community Calls Out Twitch Streamer Lobanjica for Harassing FACEIT Player

CS:GO Community Calls Out Twitch Streamer Lobanjica for Harassing FACEIT Player

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO community calls out popular Twitch streamer Lobanjica after he made some toxic comments against his teammate during a FACEIT match.

Counter-Strike Twitch streamer Nikola "Lobanjica" Mijomanović was called out by the CS:GO community earlier today for harassing a random FACEIT player. The semi-professional Montenegrin player who has over 300,000 Twitch followers was aggressive and unruly towards one of his teammates unnecessarily while playing FACEIT, during his June 9 livestream. Everything started when a player named ‘Vici’ whiffed a couple of times with his USP-S pistol, from this point onwards till the end of the match Lobanjica constantly bullied him, being really toxic and even hitting him a few shots every now and then to take his health down.

Surprisingly, this comes just days after Lobanjica had allegedly said that he does not want to play FPL anymore because the players are toxic.

CS:GO Streamer Lobanjica Called Out For Harassing Teammate

Lobanjica is known for being loud on his stream, often messing around with other players for fun and creating content. However, this time things may have gone out of control. Things started to go south as soon as the FACEIT match had started. Playing as CT on Mirage, ‘Vici’ in a 2v1 situation whiffed a couple of USP-S shots and Lobanjica immediately rebuked saying “nice aim”. The player did not take this taunt nicely and told the streamer to shut up, Lobanjica decided to mute him following this which was an acceptable response.

But then a few rounds later he goes on to unmute him and starts being toxic towards him, provoking him by shooting at him, and kept messing around. Despite ‘Vici’ ignoring him and not responding to any of his antics, the streamer does not leave him alone.

The CS:GO community aware of this did not let the popular streamer off the hook all that easily, as they shared his videos and called him out for being a bad influencer. The streamer tried to defend himself by responding to a few messages.

In one such response, Lobanjica said that the people who think they are “defaming him” by calling him out and that this could in some way damage him, well “I’m just enjoying this front-page fame”. While also saying that all the users who are preaching ‘No Toxicity’ are actually the ones who write insults and death threats to him.

The CS:GO community was very upset with Lobanjica’s behavior with many stating that they had lost respect towards the streamer. They also showed support for the player ‘Vici’ who was the victim in this case and shared constructive ways how players could deal with such situations.

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