Unique Mod Adds Fortnite's Building Mechanics to CS:GO

Unique Mod Adds Fortnite's Building Mechanics to CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • This interesting CS:GO mod introduces Fortnite construction mechanics to the game, making for some fun gameplay.
  • This mod allows CS:GO players to construct walls and planks anywhere on the map similar to Fortnite.
  • Check out the clip included below to see the mod in action and the possibilities if Valve decides to add it along with an Operation.

Imagine being able to peek from over a wall or a building in CS:GO and take down an enemy from an unsuspecting position. No, I am not talking about the olof boost or any such nutty multi player boost. In fact, there is an interesting mod that introduces Fortnite’s unique building mechanics to CS:GO, allowing players to simply construct a wooden plank anytime and anyplace to take down the enemy by surprise. This unique mod would definitely make for some amazing and unexpected gameplay, a good distraction from the regular game modes that the game has to provide.

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Fortnite Building Mod Added to CS:GO

A German content creator ‘Kinsi55’ had originally come up with this truly amazing Fortnite mod for CS:GO, which allows players to construct wooden planks and reach verticality that is generally not possible in the game. 

Similar to Fortnite, where the core gameplay revolves around collecting items and accessories, with an option to construct planks and walls to quickly come up with temporary cover when under attack or simply gain verticality over your opponents, these abilities were introduced to CS:GO as part of this mod resulting in some highlight clips.

From the original clip posted above, you can see that a player comes up ‘Banana’ on Inferno but instead of taking the site by force goes on to construct a few Fortnite style platforms to gain a vertical advantage. From here, the player first clears ‘Coffiins’ and then goes on to construct a few more planks to catch the player holding ‘Dark’ by surprise. The enemy was clearly not prepared for it, still peeking the site entry when he was shot down.

Users can instantly create walls and platforms in Fortnite

Of course, this moded CS:GO version is not available on official Valve servers at the moment but it would definitely be a fun game mode to play if it was introduced maybe along with a CS:GO Operation for a limited time. It would do good for the community who will have a new game mode to enjoy while taking a break from competitive matchmaking.

Some of the recent features tried out by Valve with Operation Broken Fang turned out to be so good that they actually got implemented permanently, receiving a superb response from the community members. Maybe giving this moded game mode a try would also turn out to be positive, but ultimately the decision lies with Valve.

CS:GO 360 Stats was a part of Broken Fang before being released for CS:GO

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