Australian CS:GO Team Defeats Opponent With a Perfect ‘32-0’ Score in 2 Maps

Australian CS:GO Team Defeats Opponent With a Perfect ‘32-0’ Score in 2 Maps

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Australian esports organization Dire Wolves defeat local rivals Overperformers by a '32-0' scoreline across 2 maps.
  • Though extremely rare this is not the first time that a team has defeated their opponents by consecutive '16-0' victories.
  • Dire Wolves won 22 rounds by elimination, 9 rounds by planting the C4, and 1 round by defuse.

It is extremely rare to come across a CS:GO team handing out consecutive ‘16-0’ defeats to their opponents during a professional tournament. Unfortunately for the Australian team Overperformers, May 26 was the day when they lost 32 rounds in a row to their local rivals Dire Wolves, during the currently ongoing ESEA Season 37: Premier Division - Australia. The two teams went up against each other on Dust 2 and Inferno, in their fourth week group stage match of the tournament. What ensued was nothing short of pure horror for Overperformers, as irony struck them hard and it definitely tasted bitter.

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Australian CS:GO Team Hands Out Two Consecutive ‘16-0’ Defeats

ESEA Season 37: Premier Division - Australia, is a reputed top-tier national level CS:GO tournament that takes place in several different regions like Australia, Europe, North America, and more. Just yesterday, a rare instance of consecutive ‘16-0’ defeats across 2 maps was observed during the fourth week of the tournament.

Australian esports organization Dire Wolves who recently acquired Avant Gaming along with their CS:GO roster, smashed their local opponents Overperformers as they took them down on Dust 2 followed by Inferno without dropping a single round.

Overperformers just could not find anything no matter what they tried, it was an exceptionally horrible outing for the team. All their players held a negative K/D ration as expected, with Gregas who had the most number of kills for the side matching the lowest rated player on Dire Wolves.

Australian CS:GO Team Defeats Opponent With a Perfect ‘32-0’ Score in 2 Maps

A quick look at the 2 maps shows that Dire Wolves won 22 rounds by straight up eliminating Overperformers, 9 rounds by planting a C4, and a single round by defusing a planted C4. The fact that Overpowers could not win even a single round while playing CT-sided on Dust 2 was just baffling, from there on they just went on to get completely steamrolled.

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A ‘32-0’ occurrence in CS:GO is definitely super rare but it has happened at least three times in the past. The most known of these three instances is the BO3 series that took place Peru and Bolivia during the World Championships 2016 South America Qualifier, as Peru defeated Bolivia 32 rounds in a row across Cache and Train.

The other two ‘32-0’ occurrences were observed between low tier CS:GO teams - ARES beating Nova in the Cross Border Esport2017 and Dream Chaser beating BKO Potata Aim during the WESG 2018 Laos Regional Finals.

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