Controversial CS:GO Spectator Bug Spotted Once Again Despite Valve Fix

Controversial CS:GO Spectator Bug Spotted Once Again Despite Valve Fix

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • A new version of the CS:GO coach spectator bug has apparently been found by Ukrainian coach Sergey "lmbt" Bezhanov.
  • This comes almost 8 months after ESIC had handed bans to 37 CS:GO coaches for spectator bug abuse.
  • Valve had earlier rolled out a fix for the spectator bug but it seems a few variants of it still exist within CS:GO.

The CS:GO spectator bug controversy is one of the biggest to have hit the game in recent times. So far it has resulted in 37 CS:GO coaches facing varying ban charges, since surfacing in September 2020. The bug was reportedly patched soon after by Valve, but at the time itself a warning was given by veteran CS:GO referee Michael Slowinski that other variants of the bug might still exist. Since then a few coaching bugs have surfaced online, but the one most recently shared by former CS:GO coach Sergey "lmbt" Bezhanov seems to have caught the communities attention. Once again bringing the controversial bug under the public radar.

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CS:GO spectator bug is back?

Imbt was one of the 37 CS:GO coaches who was handed a 7.5 months ban for exploiting the spectator bug, during his time as a coach for HellRaisers and forZe. He was one of the first  coaches to appeal his case, which resulted in an investigation into the matter followed by analysis of the proof submitted by him. Imbt’s name was later cleared of all wrongdoings and charges against him were dropped, as he became the first CS:GO coach to get unbanned in relation to the spectator bug controversy.

Now, almost 8 months later he seems to have stumbled upon another variant of the same CS:GO coach spectator bug. Imbt uploaded a recording of the same to his Twitter account, which has now gone viral within the CS:GO community as users start to doubt the integrity of the patch that had been implemented by Valve.

The users were quick to spot that at the time Valve had announced having patched this bug, Michael Slowinski who had been closely related to the investigation surrounding this bug had stated that,

“Unfortunately I think there might be more. I think there might be two more different instances that we are looking into right now.”

Valve has already taken quite a strict stance against coaching in CS:GO, which might negatively affect a few teams in the currently going and upcoming RMR tournaments. This information may further deter the developers especially with CS:GO Major Stockholm right around the corner. Hope that Valve is able to quickly find a fix for this problem. Efficiently patching this variant of the CS:GO coach bug.

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