NIP Blasts Flashpoint For Ignoring Technical Issues in Match Against Anonymo

NIP Blasts Flashpoint For Ignoring Technical Issues in Match Against Anonymo

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • NIP was disappointed following their loss against Anonymo due to technical issues that resulted in consistent packet loss through the series.
  • A statement was issued by NIP stating that Flashpoint refused alternate solutions and the admins forced them to play regardless of the consistent packet loss.
  • NIP faced a '2-1' loss against Anonymo and have fallen down to the lower bracket where they will be going up against HYENAS.

Ninjas in Pyjamas were not too thrilled following the ‘2-1’ loss against Anonymo Esports in their debut match with the new roster, at the currently ongoing Flashpoint Season 3. The Swedish organization blamed Flashpoint organizers (B Site and FACEIT) for all the technical issues faced by them. NIP had reportedly registered terrible packet loss in their second and third map against Anonymo, due to which they could not perform properly resulting in an assumed unfair loss. As per statements made by the CEO of NIP - Hicham Chahine, NIP was “forced to play through with massive loss due to server issues”

He further added that they were facing no loss when connecting to other servers (Non-FACEIT), but at the same time experiencing spikes of up to 30-40% packet loss across multiple FACEIT servers in different countries. NIP’s latest signing Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz was also very vocal about the issue on social media, confidently stating that the FACEIT server logs could be checked for the consistent packet loss that they were facing.

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NIP calls out Flashpoint organizers after debut loss

NIP’s dream debut along with their latest acquisition dev1ce came to a disappointing halt yesterday, following a troubled ‘2-1’ loss against the Polish lineup of Anonymo. NIP started off on a high note, cruising through their map pick Overpass as they handed a crushing ‘16-3’ defeat to Anonymo. 

But things took a turn for the worst as the entire team started facing heavy packet loss, spiking up to 30-40%. A long technical pause was taken and the issue was identified as a routing problem on NIP’s end. Multiple solutions were tried out but the packet loss issue could not be resolved.

“We tried FACEIT servers in different countries, but they were all routed through Germany, causing the same issues. We tried other servers based in Germany, from different providers, and it worked flawlessly. Therefore, we offered to play on non-FACEIT servers.”

NIP Blasts Flashpoint For Ignoring Technical Issues in Match Against Anonymo
Statement made by dev1ce 

Anonymo agreed to this decision and were apparently open to any solution to solve the issue, but Flashpoint refused all alternate solutions presented to them. A statement by NIP goes on to state that, “The decision was made by the admins to force us to play regardless. We played all 3 maps in the series with consistent packet loss”.

This resulted in 2 consecutive losses for NIP on Nuke and Mirage with ‘16-13’ and ‘19-17’ score lines, respectively. The Swedish organization went on to share a similar incident they had been a part of during ESL One: Road to Rio - Europe, an event organized by ESL. Praising them for prioritizing competitive integrity by postponing the final map to the next day.

NIP Blasts Flashpoint For Ignoring Technical Issues in Match Against Anonymo

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A discussion between Richard Lewis and dev1ce confirms that there indeed was quite a bit of packet loss. But it was not a consistent 30-40% loss instead, there were spikes in-between that caused problems for NIP along with a lower consistent loss.

NIP Blasts Flashpoint For Ignoring Technical Issues in Match Against Anonymo

NIP has now dropped to the lower bracket and will be next seen in action on 17 May against the Danish side of HYENAS, who registered a ‘2-0’ loss against FunPlus Phoenix. It will be interesting to see if NIP will be able to sort out all their problems by then, and make a comeback lower bracket run or not.

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