New CS:GO Coaching Bug Found That Allows Players to Get Extra Money

New CS:GO Coaching Bug Found That Allows Players to Get Extra Money

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • A new variant of the CS:GO coaching bug has been found that gives the affected player extra money.
  • VP.Prodigy captain RuFire submitted proof related to this bug while claiming that he had faced it a total of 3 times so far.
  • The proof attached is from a recent match that took place between VP.Prodigy and x6tence.

The Coaching Bug incident is probably the worst thing to happen to CS:GO in recent times. The whole debacle witnessed a lot of CS:GO coaches being handed a ban by ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission), following which Valve had come forward to announce a fix for the problem. There were a few other variants of coaching bug reported even after this patch, but none of them ever gained a lot of traction. Now about 5 months later, another type of coaching bug has been reportedly found by VP.Prodigy captain and in-game leader Alexey “RuFire” Burakov, which allows players to receive extra money after every winning round.

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New CS:GO Coaching Bug Found

This new variant of the coaching bug found by the Russian player RuFire is quite concerning, as it allows any player joining the team from the coach slot to earn extra money in every winning round. RuFire stated that he has encountered this bug 3 times in total, the most recent being when their coach Vladislav "Flash_1" Bykov had joined the team in place of a disconnected team member.

According to him, this extra amount is only received by that particular player and not by every player on that team. This additional bonus is actually the money intended for the losing side that somehow is also received by the player who joins the team from the coach slot. The bug might not seem too serious when compared to some of its earlier variants, but it can have quite the impact especially in a professional match.

13 Round - Coach Gains Additional MoneyFrom the images attached above, we can see that the coach who had come in place of the disconnected player first receives $3,500 for winning the round same as the other players on the team. However, as soon as the other round starts he gains an extra $3,400 due to the coaching bug.

No other player on his team receives the extra amount except for him. This indicates that some sort of bug compels the coach to receive the extra amount. Just imagine what this could result in if the team manages to win a couple of rounds in a row. The team would rarely face a full eco situation this way, as the affected player will always have a surplus to drop weapons for his teammates.

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