[Watch] CS:GO Player Destroys Enemy With Incredible Revolver Play on Dust 2

[Watch] CS:GO Player Destroys Enemy With Incredible Revolver Play on Dust 2

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO player shows off some mind-blowing R8 Revolver skills on Dust 2, clicking heads right through the 'Long Doors'.
  • R8 is one of the most neglected sidearms in CS:GO due to its 0.4 second delay while shooting.
  • The kills were a reward of incredible sense of timing on the player's part along with an accurate pre-aim.

The R8 Revolver is one of the least used sidearms in CS:GO. The neglected weapon had witnessed its peak right after being introduced on 8th December 2015, along with the Winter Update. At that point in time, the Deagle substitute had gone on to become one of the most overpowered weapons in the history of CS:GO, earning the title of ‘Pocket AWP’. Valve noticed this and nerfed the weapon within just 3 days, following which the weapon lost its popularity pretty hard. The guns damage and fire rate had been reduced because of which players decided to drop the weapon, as it was no longer the highly accurate one-shot pistol anymore.

So when ‘u/Neoster’ shared a clip showcasing his incredible skills with the R8 Revolver, the community was taken by surprise. They appreciated him for showcasing something fresh and rare while bringing the handgun under the spotlight once again.

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CS:GO player shows that Revolver is still a pocket AWP

CS:GO player ‘u/Neoster’ shared a short clip of him clicking some perfect heads on Dust 2. Now, you must be thinking about what is so special about that because almost every other CS:GO player does it on a daily. 

Well, to begin with, this player used the much neglected R8 Revolver to punish multiple players. Now, to blow your mind away he took multiple clean and precise headshot all the way from ‘T-Spawn’ through the ‘Mid Doors’. Basically proving that R8 despite being so heavily ignored all these years is still very much a one-shotting machine, or as it was popularly known as ‘Pocket AWP’.

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From the clip above you can see how the user purchases an R8 right at the start of the round and then solely based on timing takes some clean heads. His crosshair placement was also commendable as one could barely see the players crossing, but at the end of the day it all boiled down to basically his timing as the R8 has an 0.4-second shooting lag.

[Watch] CS:GO Player Destroys Enemy With Incredible Revolver Play on Dust 2

It is rare to come across such clips now because the Deagle has completely taken over as the hard-hitting sidearm. This is understandable because the R8 is simply not a viable option with the shooting delay, the fast-paced nature of the game just does not make it a good fit in the current meta.

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