Critical One Way Angle Found on CS:GO Map Ancient, Community Suggests an Easy Fix

Critical One Way Angle Found on CS:GO Map Ancient, Community Suggests an Easy Fix

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Voo detects a critical one-way angle on the new competitive CS:GO map Ancient.
  • The problem is related to a texturing issue, due to which the attacking side has a vision advantage over those defending.
  • While the problem is minimal when facing against default T-sided characters it only worsens as other player models are equipped, especially Balkans.

The recently added competitive CS:GO map Ancient has been making a lot of buzz within the community, as everyone is busy deciphering the map to the best of their abilities. This has led to a lot of problems with the map being highlighted, exactly what Valve wants from the community. While issues related to performance and visibility might take some time to get fixed, a few critical bugs have also surfaced which need to be addressed by the developers at the earliest. This includes an annoying one-way angle on Ancient’s ‘A-Site’, that allows the player inside the cubby to have full vision of everyone outside while the vice-versa is simply not possible.

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Annoying one-way spot found on Ancient

CS:GO YouTuber and Caster Voo recently found a critical one-way on Ancient’s ‘A-Site’ which is extremely annoying for the defending side. There is a way through ‘Tunnels’ towards ‘A-Site’ and just near the tunnel’s exit is where the irritating one-way spot is located.

There is a small nook near the ‘Tunnel’ exit where the T-sided players tuck themselves in, gaining full vision of the ‘A-Site’. On the other hand, the defending team has no idea about the opposition’s presence, their vision blocked due to some vines hanging near the exit.

But how exactly do these vines block vision from only one side? Well, according to ‘u/Forest_Technicality’, the vine prop that hangs from over the tunnels have only been textured from the front or the outside. This makes it possible for the players inside the tunnel to spot everyone outside without any problem, while those on the site can barely make out if there is someone standing in there or not.

The visibility handicap only worsens if the T-sided player is using a Balkan player model cosmetic, as they are the ones that most perfectly blend into the background. Making them perfectly invisible for the defending side to spot, unlike other T-sided models which still have some chance of being distinguished.

Critical One Way Angle Found on CS:GO Map Ancient, Community Suggests an Easy Fix
CS:GO Balkan Player Models

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While this is an understandable problem that usually arises with new maps that enter the Active Duty Map Pool, the developers would have to respond fast with a fix before this goes viral. A popular fix that is being suggested by community members is to remove the vine prop entirely while illuminating the insides of the tunnel slightly.

Critical One Way Angle Found on CS:GO Map Ancient, Community Suggests an Easy Fix

It will be interesting to see how Valve responds to this issue. Along with the others related to performance drops across the map and major visibility issues that have been pointed out by multiple players.

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