User Finds 39 Unreleased Weapon and Glove Skins Within CS:GO Game Files

User Finds 39 Unreleased Weapon and Glove Skins Within CS:GO Game Files

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • User finds lots of unreleased weapon and glove skins within CS:GO game files, days after Valve releases 'Snakebite Weapon Skin'.
  • A total of 16 weapon skins and 23 glove skins were discovered by the user, leading many to believe that another potential collection might be in the pipeline.
  • Check out all the unreleased CS:GO skins below that were found by the user.

Valve recently released a brilliant weapon collection for CS:GO on 3 May called ‘Snakebite Weapon Case’. The community reaction to this was mostly positive and they were satisfied with the quality of skins within the collection. However, it seems that Valve might have another weapon case already in the pipeline as found by a CS:GO player ‘A R E Z’, within the game files. He has found a total of 39 unreleased weapon and glove skins, which gives an impression of it being a complete collection in itself. In comparison, the ‘Snake Weapon Case’ had 17 weapon skins and 24 glove skins from the Broken Fang collection.

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User finds unreleased weapon and glove skins within game files

CS:GO player who goes by the name of ‘A R E Z’ seems to have found a potential upcoming weapon case while digging through some game files. He has discovered a total of 16 weapon skins along with 23 glove skins, which sells it off as a proper collection with knifes being replaced by gloves as ‘Rare Special Item’.

Let’s take a look at all the CS:GO weapon skins available within this newly discovered potential case,

  • AWP Snakeskin_gold - The golden coloured serpent skin designed weapon skin is similar to the already released ‘M4A1-S | Golden Coil’. The skin in itself is quite average when compared to some of the others already available on the market.
User Finds 39 Unreleased Weapon and Glove Skins Within CS:GO Game Files
AWP Snakeskin Gold
  • FAMAS | ASCII, FAMAS | Panels - Nothing too special about this skin. It hosts a horizontal striped pattern with a sort of run-down design.

  • Unused variation of the Global Offensive Camo weapon skin design for guns like the Glock 18, M4A4, Tec-9.

  • Glock Laststrike2 - As per the user who discovered these skins it seems to be a workshop skin with an unknown source of origin.
User Finds 39 Unreleased Weapon and Glove Skins Within CS:GO Game Files
  • M4A4_pink_panther - The subtle pink coloured skin design makes this weapon certainly stand out as unique, while not making it an instant catch for every user.

  • M4A1-S Quantum - Another workshop skin as alleged by the user looks a bit futuristic with patches of blue colour.

  • M4A1-S Shatter - The weapon skin is based on a great concept but its execution is certainly not the best. It seems to be a degraded version of the already existing M4A1-S | Leaded Glass.

  • P250 Solid

  • P90 Dark Multicam

  • Scar-20 Destroyer of Worlds - This alleged workshop skin is covered in some sort of graffiti/spray paint design with a brown coloured texture.
User Finds 39 Unreleased Weapon and Glove Skins Within CS:GO Game Files
  • SSG Skull - The weapon skin is very bright and honestly does not seem like something that belongs in CS:GO.

  • Tec-9 Silvery

  • Camo_zags - Just a random skin theme without any specific weapon, knife, glove, or any other cosmetic item to go with. Probably made for gloves, as per the user.

  • Five-seveN | Tsunami - Yet another alleged workshop skin that seems to be a variant of the already available Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami.
User Finds 39 Unreleased Weapon and Glove Skins Within CS:GO Game Files

Here are all the 23 glove skins that were found along with the 16 weapon skins, probably added as part of the ‘Rare Special Item’ drop in place of the more common knives,

  • Specialist Test Gloves 1
  • Specialist Test Gloves 2
  • Hand Wraps Catskulls
  • Hand Wraps Beige Camo
  • Hand Wraps Nuclear
  • Hands Wraps Red Beige
  • Hand Wraps Yellow Camo
  • Finish Line
  • Moto Gloves Doppler Phase 2
  • Moto Gloves Green Circuitboard
  • Broken Fang Gloves | Poison Frog
  • Broken Fang Gloves | Jaguar Purple
  • Bloodhound | dark_metal_leather
  • Driver Gloves | Bamboo
  • Driver Gloves  | Brown
  • Driver Gloves | Chainmail Gold
  • Driver Gloves | Snakeskin Green
  • Driver Gloves | Snakeskin
  • Driver Gloves | Chainmail Knight
  • Sport Gloves | Mayan Green
  • Sport Gloves | Fade
  • Sport Gloves | Red
  • Sport Gloves | Pink

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The above-listed skins were the ones founded by ‘A R E Z’ while going through the game files. It is unclear if they are a part of an upcoming weapon case or not. Some users were of the opinion that these skins maybe those that were rejected from the recently released ‘Snakebite Weapon Case’. 

This is because some of them were indeed based on a similar theme, showcasing patterns and features that were close to the ones portrayed by recently released weapon skins. Let’s see if Valve surprises the community with another surprise drop or does this turn out to be nothing.

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