Which Country Has the Largest Percentage of the Total CS:GO Player Base?

Which Country Has the Largest Percentage of the Total CS:GO Player Base?

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  • Research conducted by Leetify shows which country has the largest percentage of total CS:GO player base.
  • Despite the USA not performing too well on the competitive front, they held on to the second spot with 10.66% of the player base.
  • Some of the countries which were a surprise in the top 20 were Japan, India, and Argentina.

CS:GO being one of the most popular online competitive shooters in the world is thoroughly enjoyed across the globe, but how much does each region contribute to the overall player base? Well, CS:GO stats analyzing website ‘Leetify’ recently decided to find out which country has the largest percentage of the total players. They collected data from over 7 million matchmaking players and came forward with a result that puts Russia in the lead, contributing with a massive 11.65% of the CS:GO player base. Now that is a staggering number of CS:GO players ready to execute a ‘B-Rush’ at a moments notice!

Let’s take a look at the complete data table and see how the 20 countries on the list have performed. Trying to draw a conclusion how this impacts the competitive circuit and how some regions are thriving without Valve even doing a lot for them.

Which Country Has the Largest Percentage of the Total CS:GO Player Base?

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Top 20 countries with the highest share of total CS:GO players

From the infographics shared below, one can observe how the total CS:GO player base is distributed across the world. There are some countries that have not been included as no specific data is available on them. While most of the countries lie in the 0% to 6% categories, there are a few that strike out with a huge contribution like Russia, USA, and Poland.

A few shocking observations that we can draw solely based on the data collected are as follows,

  • The USA is right up there holding the second position with 10.66% of the total CS:GO player base. This was quite a shock for many in the community as the region is constantly mocked for declining player numbers.

    However, it seems that the casual players have stuck strong despite the competitive circuit being delivered quite a heavy knock, following the shift to the online circuit.

  • Japan cracking into the top 10 countries, above both UK and China is also a remarkable sight that had some users surprised. Though the number of players from China could be inaccurate due to their closed environment.

  • Seeing India in the top 20 was also pretty amazing considering that the country has a near dead competitive scene, ever since the arrival of Valorant.

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The data represented above still does not mean that a country like the USA or Russia has a large player base individually. This is because when we take their potential size into consideration, the density of CS:GO players per 1 million citizens brings the reality of the situation to the forefront.

In the USA only 8755 users play CS:GO per million citizens, while in Russia 21760 users play the game within the same parameter. For proper comparison, in Denmark per 1 million citizens about 78892 people play CS:GO.

Which Country Has the Largest Percentage of the Total CS:GO Player Base?

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