CS:GO Community Complains About Several Visibility Issues on Ancient

CS:GO Community Complains About Several Visibility Issues on Ancient

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO community complains about multiple visibility issues with the new competitive map Ancient.
  • The common complaint is that the map is too dull, it is monotonous, and it lacks contrast at certain important places.
  • Valve has been suggested several changes which may take place over the course of the next several weeks or months.

The new competitive map Ancient which recently replaced Train following the huge CS:GO update that Valve dropped on May 3rd, has been keeping the community busy as they try to decipher various gameplay aspects related to the map. Some of the key issues that have been highlighted by the community are related to poor visibility across the map, along with performance issues. While the latter will be tackled over the course of the next few week or months, the former seems to be causing a lot of problems and needs to be urgently addressed by Valve. A user even came forth with a ‘sunny version’ of Ancient which has been garnering a lot of attention from fellow community members.

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CS:GO community reports visibility issues on Ancient

While several community members have been bringing forward individual instances of poor visibility witnessed on Ancient, ‘u/Scarabesque’ has done a perfect job of collating multiple cases of such instances while also pitching some sensible solutions.

The common points when it comes to visibility problems on Ancient are as follows,

  • There are some unusually weird dark patches all over the map, which makes it quite difficult to hold angles as spotting the enemy becomes very hard.
CS:GO Community Complains About Several Visibility Issues on Ancient
  • The overall colour palette of mostly grey and green makes for a monotonous colour design and dimly lit environment, which is not ideal for a first-person shooter.

  • Certain agents blend into the background really well from certain angles. With executions on either site already quite tricky, it becomes a task to clear each and every corner as there is always a threat of missing out on an enemy.

These common issues have been pointed out by the general user base quite a few times since the map was added to the active duty map pool. Taking extra effort, ‘u/Scarabesque’ has come forward with specific areas where visibility problems can be noticed on Ancient.

  • The ‘B-Site’ entrance has a certain spot from where CT-players generally snipe incoming enemies. From the picture provided below, one can observe how ridiculous the angle looks because the CT holding it barely has any clear visibility of the area that they are viewing.
CS:GO Community Complains About Several Visibility Issues on Ancient
  • The ‘B-Site’ itself has been flagged for poor visibility due to a constant monotonous grey colour covering almost every possible surface. A few brightness and colour adjustments would instantly increase this site’s appeal.
CS:GO Community Complains About Several Visibility Issues on Ancient

A few more instances were pointed out by the user, that could more or less be resolved in the same manner as the ones listed above. While Ancient might be suffering from a lot of complaints now, the community seems to have accepted its arrival. From here on out it is up to Valve to push out updates in a timely manner, improving the map and making it ready to be perfectly enjoyed at a competitive level.

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User creates a sunny version of Ancient

Amid the ongoing complaints against the visibility and performance issues on Ancient, a user has come forward to create a custom ‘sunny version’ of the map which actually looks really good. 

This version of the map created by ‘u/kveldsmat01’, is a fan-made concept that has caught the eyeballs of many within the community. It has received a lot of appreciation as users seemed to have surprised themselves that certain maps still look way better under daylight.

Many even pointed out that, this could be the perfect fix to the visibility problems currently being faced by the original Ancient map. But the creator himself was against this because then the map would lose its feel and individuality, while agreeing that it does need a bit of a visual upliftment.

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