[Watch] New Way Found to Solo Boost ‘Long Doors’ on CS:GO Map Dust 2

[Watch] New Way Found to Solo Boost ‘Long Doors’ on CS:GO Map Dust 2

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO community shocked as user finds a solo boost trick on Dust 2 'Long Doors'.
  • It is currently being debated whether this solo boost trick is legit to be used in a competitive match or not.

Dust 2 might be one of the oldest and most iconic maps in gaming history, but even after all these years, there are still a lot of utility lineups and other tricks on the map that players keep finding. Recently, ‘u/Sidekrown’ found out that it is possible to solo boost yourself on ‘Long Doors’ in Dust 2. This revelation has since gone viral within the CS:GO community, with everyone expressing sheer shock that this discovery had not been made earlier. However, it is still being debated whether the solo boost is legit to be used in a competitive scenario or not.

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Dust 2 ‘Long Doors’ Solo Boost in CS:GO

A CS:GO user has come forward and shared something that has taken the entire community by storm. He has revealed that it is possible to solo boost yourself at ‘Long Doors’ which is actually a pretty big deal. The trick is sparingly used and mostly takes 2 players, in order to boost someone on top.

From the clip above you can see that how the player simply faces the boxes at ‘Long Doors’, lines himself up perfectly using the floor as a reference and jumps at an angle towards the other edge of the box. It appears to be some sort of a clipping bus because the user just stood there in mid-air before jumping once again to reach the top of the box.

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This solo boost can have a lot of strategic importance and could be used as a fake, the player boosted on top can go ahead and show his presence. This would fool the opposition into believing that 2 players might be present near that position, but in reality, it would just be a solo boost.

[Watch] New Way Found to Solo Boost ‘Long Doors’ on CS:GO Map Dust 2

But the most talked-about thing about this discovery was the way it had evaded the community for all these years, and whether it was a legit way to boost oneself in the competitive circuit. While some users outright said that the solo boost made use of a pixel jump, in order to reach the top. Some others compared it to a see-through crate bug on ‘B-Site’ of Mirage which had not been fixed for a long time, being used by players to peek into ‘Appartments’ all the time.

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