CS:GO Update Replaces Train With Ancient, Adds 4 New Maps: Grind, Mocha, Calavera, Pitstop

CS:GO Update Replaces Train With Ancient, Adds 4 New Maps: Grind, Mocha, Calavera, Pitstop

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • New CS:GO update shocks the entire community as Train gets replaced by Ancient in the Active Duty Map Pool.
  • 4 new CS:GO maps get added to the game. Grind and Mocha replaces Apollo, Engage, and Anubis; while Calavera and Pitstop replaces Elysion and Guard.
  • Ancient replacing Train is the first change made to the Active Duty Map Pool since Vertigo replaced Cache in March 2019.

The latest CS:GO update released on 3 May observes Train being replaced by Ancient in the Active Duty Map Pool. This was a totally unexpected change because the entire community believed that Mirage would be the obvious next map that would be getting replaced. Along with this, 4 more new CS:GO maps were added to the game. Mocha and Grind were added to official matchmaking in Scrimmage, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes, replacing Apollo, Engage, and Anubis. While Calavera and Pitstop replaced Elysion and Guard for Wingman game mode. Though the 4 new maps were a welcome change, giving community members fresh maps to play on, Ancient replacing Train has surely left a sour taste in the community’s mouth.

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Ancient replaces Train in the Active Duty Map Pool

Train getting replaced by Ancient is the first change introduced to the Active Duty Map Pool since March 2019, when Cache was replaced by Vertigo. With Operation Broken Fang coming to an end, several changes have taken place with quite a large update being dropped by Valve.

The community was in shock following the update, as the majority of them expected Mirage to be the next map that would be replaced from the competitive map pool. “MIRAGE has been spelt wrong”, was constantly spammed across social media platforms, the community in disbelief as to why Valve would replace Train instead of the overworked Mirage.

Ancient the new map being introduced to the competitive scene was pushed out with a few last-minute changes to both the sites. A new route from ‘CT-Spawn’ to ‘A-Site’ was established, giving players more room for rotations. Another important change was widening the T entrance to the left side of ‘Mid’, making long-range fights more viable. A few more minor adjustments were made across these sites so that the map could facilitate better to the competitive scene.

4 new maps introduced to CS:GO

The 4 new maps added along with the update were welcomed with open arms. Grind and Mocha replaced Apollo, Engage, and Anubis, across game modes such as Scrimmage, Casual, and Deathmatch. Grind is basically set in an abandoned uranium mine in Namibia and seems to be slightly inspired by Nuke, while Mocha is set in a beachside town or a resort that is famous for its coffee production.

The 2 remaining maps Calavera and Pitstop were added to the Wingman game mode, replacing Elysion and Guard. Calavera is based on the Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende which has been decorated to celebrate a local festival called ‘Day of the Dead’. Pitstop on the other hand has been inspired by a European street race track and is quite appealing visually.

Apart from this a lot of other changes were also a part of this update like Operation Broken Fang finally coming to an end, the introduction of a new subscription-based service called ‘CS:GO 360 Stats’, Chicken models getting an upgrade, a new Snakebite Weapon Case being released, and a few more minor changes.

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